What to Do During Vacation in Bangkok

A city rich with contrasts and contradictions, namely Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is home to many attractions and beautiful scenery. With Bangkok tour packages you can get a chance to explore this Southeast Asian country. Due to the popularity of Bangkok as a pleasant holiday wisata karimunjawa destination in Asia, it is easy to plan a holiday in Bangkok. The market is flooded with exclusive Bangkok tour packages that cater to different budgets and tourist needs.

But if you want to have fun here. You should plan it first. Bangkok is home to many interesting sights that are worthwhile to enjoy. Here are some of the things that should be included in the itinerary.

Erawan Museum: During a holiday in Bangkok, one must definitely visit the Erawan Museum to catch a glimpse of a large three-headed elephant statue that stands on the same gigantic pile at the entrance. The statue in pure green copper is just beautiful with a height of 28 meters and a length of 39 meters. In fact this museum is one of the city’s landmarks, most of the Bangkok holiday packages include visiting this museum on the way.

Giant Swing: This famous swing is an integral part of one of the oldest temples with elegant roofs sweeping across Bangkok. Today the great teak arch is the remnant of the original Giant Swing that lies right in front of the temple. This crawler was previously used in a ceremony to be thanked for a good rice harvest and is still celebrated in mid-December after the rice harvest season ends. If planning a vacation in December you should look for Bangkok tour packages first.

Monk’s Bowling Making Village (Baan Bat): Bann Bat is one of the most visited places during holidays in Bangkok. Here you can find people who work hard using hammers to make brass bowls that Buddhist monks take with them during the morning alms. Here a pile of unfinished brass bowls produces unique sights that are hard to explain in words.

Ganesha Temple: Tourists and only Hindus visit the famous Ganesha temple to seek blessings from Lord Ganesha for the success and achievement of art. Every year thousands of devotees come for a holiday in Bangkok and be sure to visit this Ganesha temple.

China Town: There is a big Chinatown district in Bangkok that is always busy doing activities. The whole area is busy all day long. Tourists come here to explore the narrow streets lined with cheap gold shops, cloth shops, markets, pharmacies selling traditional Chinese medicines, street kiosks. Most of the holiday packages in Bangkok include a visit to Chinatown on their way.

During the holidays in Bangkok, there are many other attractions to enjoy such as the impressive Thai silk businessman’s home, Suan Pakkard Palace, Jim Thompson House, Spirit House, Forensic Museum, prestigious Chulalongkorn University, Lumphini Park, Siamese society, Amulet Market, Museum and Correction much more.

To conclude, be prepared for a thrilling experience by planning a holiday in this Thai capital. Start looking for Bangkok tour packages first to enjoy your holiday.

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