The World Base Masters Surabaya City

Day, exactly on 1-10 Agustus 2017 at Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya, Indonesian Clown Alley (ICA) The most Indonesian clown community again indulges Indonesian clowns with the event.

Since its establishment, ICA based in Surabaya has been successful several times to make banking events from conferences, Kostum Badut festivals to social events. This time Bro Yogi Adianta the president, initiated a workshop by inviting several clowns from abroad. Unmitigated, Randy “Simon” Christensen former World Clown President in his Daulat became the speaker, not to mention Shaggy from Puerto Rico, Dean O from the USA and the North Korean Landmaker, Samtee “Uncle Button”. But saying, Mr. D “keeper” can not join because being hospitalized in Bangkok, Thailand.

Almost all Indonesian clowns are trained for two days to become a real clown. Even Mr. Mupri the legend, Mbah NYA clown, the first clown in Indonesia also participated. Indonesian clowns are taught about body language, facial mimic, games-games to the regular show the master clown master of the world. Every final session of the two days, clown masters show their ability to shake the stomach of Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya visitors at Food Court.

Found in the same place Yogi explained “Every year we will always hold an event to give knowledge about bidding and to hone the ability of Indonesian clowns. Neither the festival event nor the present at Tunjungan Plaza. So that the Indonesian clowns can show their ability as well as prove that the Indonesian clowns can not be underestimated by the world ”

ICA is an organization or community of Kostum Badut in Indonesia who has become a member of World Clown, the world’s clown organization. No kidding, one of the ICA members, Mr. Fa, has been listed as the 3rd winner at one of the world’s clown festivals that World Clown held in early 2017

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