The Reason Behind Why Some People Say Clowns ‘Terrible’

For children, a clown is a funny figure. No wonder when clowns are often invited to events that involve children. But not all adults think so.

In fact, many adults are shivering at the clown’s grin, no matter how funny they are. Later a number of studies have tried to uncover the reason why these people are afraid of clowns.

One was performed by psychologists Frank T McAndrew and Cornelia H Dudley of Knox College, Illinois. The study titled ‘On the Nature of Creepiness’ involved 1,341 participants aged 18-77 years who were asked to follow an online survey about what things make them fear.

As a result, most participants agree that there are 44 behaviors that indicate that a person is considered creepy, including having unpredictable movements, making strange eye contact, having a visible tattoo and showing certain behaviors but not talking or nonverbal.

In the second survey, participants were asked to provide an assessment of 21 types of professions that are considered scary, and the result is defined as a clown figure that most often makes a shudder. Not possible, the definition of a scary person according to the participants is based on the figure of the clown itself.

Then Canadian psychologist Rami Nader conducted a separate study to uncover what causes the emergence of coulrophobia or phobia in clowns. Apparently, this is based on the fact that a clown is a person in disguise.

“What looks from the outside is ambiguity.They seem happy but are they? Their identities and feelings are really hidden behind makeup,” McAndrew said as The Conversation reported.

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Interestingly, not only adults who feel fear in clowns, but also little ones. A study conducted by the University of Sheffield, the UK in 2008 found in fact only a few children who like clowns.

This is evidenced when children aged 4-16 years were asked to provide opinions about the installation of clown pictures on the child’s ward in a hospital. In fact, they think the pictures look terrible instead of soothing.

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