The contents of Responder Bag

Always a warm greeting, and wish you all good health always, back with my son, and will discuss about the fittings of ambulances, previously we have discussed the contents of Emergency Bag and its functions. This time I will discuss about Responder Bag, which contains more complete from the Emergency Bag.

Hasil gambar untuk Kegunaan Responder Bag Dalam Keadaan Emergency

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First Responder

Previous what you already know the definition First Responder? First Responder is a layman or not a paramedic, who are specially trained to perform first aid, life support to victims / patients in the evacuation.

First Responder Bag

Is a bag containing first aid equipment, medicines, up to a small operating equipment (minor surgery) carried by the First Responder while doing the evacuation process.

and here are the contents:

a.responder bag

There are several sets of fixtures in the First Responder Bag are:

1. Wound Management

2. Diagnostic Set

3. Air Way Set

4. Infusion Set

5. Additional Equipment

Wound Management Set

in the previous section I have discussed about this so its contents directly seen only

a. Cat Gut

Chromic and Plain Catgut

For most people, or maybe for yourself the names of objects, these foreign definitely read or heard. Cat Gut hell is? ever hear or see the stitches right? The catgut nah sewing thread yarn AKA operation can be absorbed or absorbed by the body. There are two (2) Types Plain catgut catgut and Chromic catgut following explanation:

Plain catgut: Characteristically can be absorbed by the body, absorption takes place within 7-10 days and the color is yellowish white. Useful for binding source of minor bleeding, sewing subcutis and can also be used to move and spacious small wound. This thread should be done inference 3 times because the body will expand. When the inference made only 2 times will be open again

Chromic catgut: Characteristically can be absorbed by the body, absorption is much longer ie up to 20 days. Chromic catgut usually cause an inflammatory reaction that is larger than the plain catgut. Useful for suturing wounds were considered not arrived within 10 days and if mobility must be done immediately.

b. Scalpel Handle

scalpel handle

Nah loh opo iki … really rich meneh toothbrush handles ?? hehe .. Scalpel Handle none other than the grip or handle or the handle of a scalpel blade (scalpel), functions as a handle or the handle of a scalpel when it had to do surgery in ambulance

c. Scalpel Blade

scalpel blade

Well if this is his partner above, yap’s scalpel blade scalpel, serves as a tool to perform surgery

d. Pean Stright

pean stright

Seeing shape alone surely already know yap pean stright scissors tool like this one in surgery completeness, functionality cut catgut or verband

e. Pean Mosquito

pean mosquito

Judging from the shape know why this tool called Mosquito Pean, watch as curved edges such as mosquitoes. well, if the tool is typically used for holding / clamping needles when stitches

f. Utylity Scissor

utylity scissor

Well from the name alone can already guess, this yap scissors versatile,

g. Burn Gel

burn gel

This is a drug to treat burns

h. Sterile spot

kassa sterile

Functioning as a wound dressing

i. Kassa Roll

As Bandages

j. Anatomical tweezers

tweezers anatomy

Serves to take away the dead tissue in the wound victim at the time of surgery or surgery

k. Adhesive Tape

As the current gauze Adhesive bandage

l. adhessive plaster

These work just like adhessive tape

m. Triangular Bandage

triangular bandage

serves as a buffer sprained or broken arm

n. Creep Bandage

o. Pavodine Iodine

Antiseptic and anti bbacterial medicine for injuries, which are common often heard Be ** dine

2. Diagnostic Set

Contains tools for diagnosing these patients is equipment

a. Sphygmomanometer


Blood pressure measuring device

b. Stetoscope


Tool to check patients

c. reflex Hammer

reflex hammer

rubber hammer to check reflexes normally used on knee

d. penlight


pen-shaped spotlights to check the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and throat of the patient

e. digital thermometer

digital thermometer

a tool to measure body temperature

F. torniquet



Air Way Set is a set of tools that serve to assist breathing and the following is the equipment:

a. Ambu Bag/ Resuscitator Valve

ambu bag

Tool manual respirator that can be equipped with an oxygen tube and reservoir. The flow of 15 L / min concentration of 99%.

b. Guedel Airway

guedel airway

Oropharyngeal Guedel Airway (also known as an oral airway, breathing patterns OPA or Guedel) is a medical device called an additional air ducts are used to maintain a patent (open) airway. It does this by preventing the tongue from (either partially or completely) over the epiglottis, which can prevent the patient from breathing. When someone becomes unconscious, the muscles in their jaw relaxes and allows the tongue to obstruct the airway, even the tongue is the most common cause of a blocked airway.

c. Pocket Mask


Tools of breath or mouth to mask ventilation.

d. Laryngoscope


The tools used to see laryng (help fixing the endotracheal tube).


Infusion Set is a set of tools to do penginfusan or insert fluids / medications through the veins, to the patient

a. IV (Intra Vena) Cannula

intravenus cannula

Tools are input into the process vessel Vena penginfusan

b. Infusion Set

infusion set

Tool set infusion

c. IV Fixation Dressing

iv fixation dress

d. Water Infusion

water infusion

e. Syring 50,20,10,5,3,1 cc


f. Alcohol Swab

alcohol swab

g. Sterile Gloves

sterile gloves



Additional Supplies

a. Disposable Gown

disposable gown

b. fluid Desinfectan

fluid disinfected

c. Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

d. cotton Ball

cotton balls

e. Safety Pin

safety pin

f. Oxy Can


g. Nassal Cannula

nasal cannula

h. Note Book

note book

i. Ballpoint

ball-point pen

j. Mask


Thus a brief explanation about what is contained in First Responder Bag. May be useful

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