Protect your assets with insurance against earthquakes

Time goes slower when trembles, begin to see that the lamps move and run many ideas mind: Where are my personal documents ?, do I get out, or I put in a safe area inside the house ?, Where is the rest of my family?

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The crystals begin to vibrate, and your nervous system seems to fit in your body. It is very easy to become that adrenaline fear, in fear that yours are away and fear of your heritage, which you worked so hard to build, comes down to a furious shaking of the earth.

In Mexico only three out of 100 people considered this fear as a powerful cause to take action, as the percentage of homes insured barely scratches 4%, and most homes insured it is because they are prone to the impact of phenomena such as hurricanes or floods.

However, if you consider that the country has highly seismic regions, it begins to make sense to have a policy of protection.

When houses or apartments are new, usually the Infonavit, Fovissste or the bank granting the mortgage condition the loan to the hiring of insurance, but need not be the owner to protect your property or can you imagine what would happen if the get home department that income has gone down by an earthquake ?.

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