Prepare About It For Tsunami Survivors

More than 2,000 foreign tourists dead and the missing fitting tsunami disaster that occurred in countries around the Indian Ocean, 2004. Indonesia was also affected by more than 200 thousand people in Aceh died when the tragedy occurred 10 years ago.

In Thailand, the tourist areas like Phuket also badly affected. Foreign tourists from various countries died and many were missing. There are a few who are victims of a family who come on holiday with the kids. Reflecting on the incident, the following tips tsunami survivors.

Choice Hotels. If you choose to stay at the hotel by the beach, make sure the hotel is ready if the face of the tsunami disaster. Hotels are ready, usually have an evacuation system when the tsunami occurred, as well as the building ready in case of fire.

Some hotels in Bali own certification “Tsunami Ready” indicating that hotel security system was ready in case of a tsunami. Such hotels will have a safe gathering point if a tsunami occurs. Make sure you know the routes and location.

Prepare bags. Wherever you go, always prepare a small bag or backpack containing your personal identity includes a passport or a photocopy of the passport, mineral water in refillable bottles, and equipment P3K and personalized medicine, a change of clothes, a small flashlight, and snacks are energized like chocolate. Make sure you pack this bag is light, do not overdo carrying goods. If there is a disaster occurs, you can simply take the bag.

Design a family gathering place. Get to know your travel area. High area for the running of the tsunami evacuation route. Then plan is also a gathering place for family members if by chance you are separated when a disaster occurs.

Know the signs of a tsunami. Tsunamis are usually preceded by an earthquake. So if there was an earthquake in the coastal area, you need to be vigilant. Although not felt the quake and just plain feels sway, remain on guard. Especially if the sea water receded until it looked seabed and the roar was loud, this is a sign of a tsunami was coming.

Some countries have an early warning system that tells residents when the tsunami came, such as Japan. Obey and follow the instructions if a tsunami warning was issued by the local government come. The announcement also usually given through terlevisi and radio broadcasts.

Run to the hills. When the tsunami came, and flee to the highlands. Stay away from the coast as quickly as possible. Most really run the highest hill. If not possible to run down the hill, look for a tall building and went up to the top floor. After the tsunami hit, do not immediately go down. Stay where as usual the tsunami came in several waves.

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