How Mmengatasi Earthquake

If an earthquake occurs while you are at home….

If the earthquake occurs when you are at home or in the office, the first thing you need to do is to protect your body. In order not affected by furniture or other objects downfall, take cover under a table or in the restroom.


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If an earthquake occurs while you are outside of the building …

Stay away from power poles, street lamps, and large objects and other high that might be collapsed. Protect your head with a bag and head to the nearest evacuation site, such as public parks and schools.

If an earthquake occurs while you are near the sea …

Earthquakes can also result in a tsunami. Therefore, if you are near the sea during the earthquake, immediately go to the nearest evacuation point. Usually, on the coast and coastal areas in Japan there are signs evacuation instructions like in the photo above. The evacuation is usually located in a high place like a hill.

After the earthquake stopped …

After the earthquake finished else, usually indirect tsunami came. Therefore, stay in the evacuation or high places. For evacuation information and other matters shelter from the earthquake, open page. The website is open 24 hours, and here you can consult about emergencies such as earthquakes and sudden pain in English.

Pamphlets evacuation of earthquake

Many hotels and inns that provide pamphlets on how to evacuate when the earthquake happened in English. As a precaution, ask for the pamphlet from the front desk.

When an earthquake occurs, do not forget to protect your body. Know how to protect and evacuate so you’re always ready and happy when the earthquake struck.

The contents of Responder Bag

Always a warm greeting, and wish you all good health always, back with my son, and will discuss about the fittings of ambulances, previously we have discussed the contents of Emergency Bag and its functions. This time I will discuss about Responder Bag, which contains more complete from the Emergency Bag.

Hasil gambar untuk Kegunaan Responder Bag Dalam Keadaan Emergency

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First Responder

Previous what you already know the definition First Responder? First Responder is a layman or not a paramedic, who are specially trained to perform first aid, life support to victims / patients in the evacuation.

First Responder Bag

Is a bag containing first aid equipment, medicines, up to a small operating equipment (minor surgery) carried by the First Responder while doing the evacuation process.

and here are the contents:

a.responder bag

There are several sets of fixtures in the First Responder Bag are:

1. Wound Management

2. Diagnostic Set

3. Air Way Set

4. Infusion Set

5. Additional Equipment

Wound Management Set

in the previous section I have discussed about this so its contents directly seen only

a. Cat Gut

Chromic and Plain Catgut

For most people, or maybe for yourself the names of objects, these foreign definitely read or heard. Cat Gut hell is? ever hear or see the stitches right? The catgut nah sewing thread yarn AKA operation can be absorbed or absorbed by the body. There are two (2) Types Plain catgut catgut and Chromic catgut following explanation:

Plain catgut: Characteristically can be absorbed by the body, absorption takes place within 7-10 days and the color is yellowish white. Useful for binding source of minor bleeding, sewing subcutis and can also be used to move and spacious small wound. This thread should be done inference 3 times because the body will expand. When the inference made only 2 times will be open again

Chromic catgut: Characteristically can be absorbed by the body, absorption is much longer ie up to 20 days. Chromic catgut usually cause an inflammatory reaction that is larger than the plain catgut. Useful for suturing wounds were considered not arrived within 10 days and if mobility must be done immediately.

b. Scalpel Handle

scalpel handle

Nah loh opo iki … really rich meneh toothbrush handles ?? hehe .. Scalpel Handle none other than the grip or handle or the handle of a scalpel blade (scalpel), functions as a handle or the handle of a scalpel when it had to do surgery in ambulance

c. Scalpel Blade

scalpel blade

Well if this is his partner above, yap’s scalpel blade scalpel, serves as a tool to perform surgery

d. Pean Stright

pean stright

Seeing shape alone surely already know yap pean stright scissors tool like this one in surgery completeness, functionality cut catgut or verband

e. Pean Mosquito

pean mosquito

Judging from the shape know why this tool called Mosquito Pean, watch as curved edges such as mosquitoes. well, if the tool is typically used for holding / clamping needles when stitches

f. Utylity Scissor

utylity scissor

Well from the name alone can already guess, this yap scissors versatile,

g. Burn Gel

burn gel

This is a drug to treat burns

h. Sterile spot

kassa sterile

Functioning as a wound dressing

i. Kassa Roll

As Bandages

j. Anatomical tweezers

tweezers anatomy

Serves to take away the dead tissue in the wound victim at the time of surgery or surgery

k. Adhesive Tape

As the current gauze Adhesive bandage

l. adhessive plaster

These work just like adhessive tape

m. Triangular Bandage

triangular bandage

serves as a buffer sprained or broken arm

n. Creep Bandage

o. Pavodine Iodine

Antiseptic and anti bbacterial medicine for injuries, which are common often heard Be ** dine

2. Diagnostic Set

Contains tools for diagnosing these patients is equipment

a. Sphygmomanometer


Blood pressure measuring device

b. Stetoscope


Tool to check patients

c. reflex Hammer

reflex hammer

rubber hammer to check reflexes normally used on knee

d. penlight


pen-shaped spotlights to check the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and throat of the patient

e. digital thermometer

digital thermometer

a tool to measure body temperature

F. torniquet



Air Way Set is a set of tools that serve to assist breathing and the following is the equipment:

a. Ambu Bag/ Resuscitator Valve

ambu bag

Tool manual respirator that can be equipped with an oxygen tube and reservoir. The flow of 15 L / min concentration of 99%.

b. Guedel Airway

guedel airway

Oropharyngeal Guedel Airway (also known as an oral airway, breathing patterns OPA or Guedel) is a medical device called an additional air ducts are used to maintain a patent (open) airway. It does this by preventing the tongue from (either partially or completely) over the epiglottis, which can prevent the patient from breathing. When someone becomes unconscious, the muscles in their jaw relaxes and allows the tongue to obstruct the airway, even the tongue is the most common cause of a blocked airway.

c. Pocket Mask


Tools of breath or mouth to mask ventilation.

d. Laryngoscope


The tools used to see laryng (help fixing the endotracheal tube).


Infusion Set is a set of tools to do penginfusan or insert fluids / medications through the veins, to the patient

a. IV (Intra Vena) Cannula

intravenus cannula

Tools are input into the process vessel Vena penginfusan

b. Infusion Set

infusion set

Tool set infusion

c. IV Fixation Dressing

iv fixation dress

d. Water Infusion

water infusion

e. Syring 50,20,10,5,3,1 cc


f. Alcohol Swab

alcohol swab

g. Sterile Gloves

sterile gloves



Additional Supplies

a. Disposable Gown

disposable gown

b. fluid Desinfectan

fluid disinfected

c. Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

d. cotton Ball

cotton balls

e. Safety Pin

safety pin

f. Oxy Can


g. Nassal Cannula

nasal cannula

h. Note Book

note book

i. Ballpoint

ball-point pen

j. Mask


Thus a brief explanation about what is contained in First Responder Bag. May be useful

Benefits of Soursop Leaf for Healthy Body

Soursop leaves have so many benefits to expel various kinds of diseases. From mild to severe disease that can be prevented or treated with the leaves of the soursop. What are the benefits of soursop leaves? This article will discuss.

Soursop fruit is good to eat, but the leaves? Although it is not good to eat but useful to eliminate and prevent diseases. Here is what are the benefits of this are easily available leaves.

benefit-leaf-soursopEfficacy Soursop Leaf for Healthy Body

  • treat ulcers

To treat ulcers using soursop leaf that has been smoothed. Then paste it just boils and wait until dry.

  • Prevent tumor

With the leaves of the soursop, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and the development of tumors will be inhibited. Although not suffering, it does not hurt to drink soursop leaf herb for maintaining good health. Better to prevent than to cure.

  • Treat gout

How to treat this disease is to use the water decoction of leaves of the soursop. Use six to ten leaves of the soursop is added with two glasses of water. Boil it all together until the water is shrinking glass. Drink this mixture twice a day in the morning as well the afternoon.

  • Treat Back Pain

Indeed there are many drugs to cure back pain but often cause side effects for pengonsumsinya. Instead it happened is better to use the benefits of soursop leaves as well as possible.

Eat the same with only different ways over many leaves and water. Boil 20 soursop leaves to use as much as 5 cups water. Boil until the water becomes slightly, about 3 cups. Drink it twice a day, in the morning as well the afternoon.

  • Overcoming rheumatic diseases

This disease usually diidap by older people. If you’re a relapse, the pain will be felt. Well, that’s one of the benefits of soursop leaves, which overcome rheumatic diseases. How to treat these diseases, not to drink the water, but by applying a finely ground leaves of the soursop. Do it twice a day. Then let stand until dry passable.

  • Treating eczema

Skin diseases including eczema can also be cured with soursop leaf. How to use it is used as a kind of mask and then smeared on the itchy area. Do it twice a day. The benefit is going to make the pain is reduced.

  • Eliminate head lice and dandruff

Soursop leaves can make all kinds of parasitic growth on the scalp so obscured. Soursop leaves is used to wash it. Boil the leaves first sirsaknya for 10 or 20 minutes. Later all the parasites that of cause of two hair disease that can die and not come again.

It was he any disease that can be eliminated by using this soursop leaves.

The content of Soursop Leaf

Why soursop leaf has many benefits? Therefore a lot of content that is owned. Any abortion? Call it the antiviral, antibacterial, anticancer, antimalarial, antiparasitic, antitumor, antispasmodic, antileishmania, tranquilizers, diuretics, stomakik, galactogogue, tranquilizers, and others.

With the content of the health of so many people helped. Not difficult to obtain because it is the fruit of soursop leaf is grown in Indonesia. How to use the plant to treat or prevent the disease is also easy. Only drink or rub it on the affected part. It was not immediately disappear but over time also will work, it’s a herbal medicine.

 That information about the benefits of soursop leaves are very useful for health. What you want to try to use these leaves as a medicine for you?

Benefits of becoming a member of the Zumba Craze

Benefits of becoming a member of the Zumba Craze, Aerobic dance originated in the late 1960 s as people detected the invigorating merriment they could have while moving forcefully to music. About 30 year later, a fitness instructor inadvertently adjusted the stage for Zumba when he forgot to making a music videotape to an exercise class. Made to improvise, he frisked Latin dance music and passed students through Salsa paces at a brisk gait .
Benefits of becoming a member of the Zumba Craze
Aerobic Exercise

Moving to the upbeat music in a Zumba class is exceedingly fast, thanks to the merriment tempo and the galvanize music. While was involved in these kinds of shifts, people receive helpful cardiovascular activity. It’s common for participants to sunburn between 600 and 1,000 calories in a single discussion. Once “youre beginning” burning these calories, your organization could shift into high gear with a faster metabolism. This could enable you to sunburn calories at a higher frequency even when you aren’t exerting .


Beginners can adapt this type of dance class to be easier. People with know-how is very easy to increase the intensity to create a defying workout that constructs muscle and smolders calories. Students can outlay just as much or as little exertion as they wish in a discussion, depending on the exertion tier and overall skills and capacity. Many programmes will keep the dancing fresh and invigorating Number focus on different parts of their own bodies for all-over fitness advantages. It’s even possible to choreograph your own routine to create an individual workout that are appropriate your own distinct motivations .


Expending energy and moving to music can be an effective way to abate suspicion and stress. Throughout the working day, suspicion often constructs responding to professional and personal situations that occur. By grabbing a blot in a Zumba class, you can kick, jump, and twist your room to a more positive posture. As mood-enhancing endorphins track through your veins, you might be surprised at the potent affect of this form of activity. Your natural high-pitched can last long past the end of the class .


The people you’ll meet in this exercise class might save you coming back. A wide-eyed variety of people have discovered the benefits of Zumba, so you can expect to meet and treated with many interesting people. Offsetting new friends and visiting can be a potent motivator for countless exercisers. As you slim down and find healthier, you might even notice that you have greater confidence and fewer restraints, who are capable of make it easier to make friends .

French nail clipping package – All that you need, Even husbands were no exclusion

French nail clipping package – All that you need, Even husbands were no exclusion. But as the time changed, the makeups, flounces and many parts of full-dress have only been considered to be the things of maidens. They have use many things to give themselves a glow and recognize of kindnes. While, in the earlier epoches, dress, hearts, scalp and flounces have got immense usefulnes as the significant parts of grooming someone .
French nail clipping package - All that you need, Even husbands were no exclusion
Since the style and mode have participated a change in all the aspects, nails have got a tremendous response as a major part of the style and there are ample of techniques that have been discovered for the nail artistry. Among those, one such proficiency that is running from a very old age till now with an extraordinary success is the French Manicure langsing dengan kayu manis. Greatly, the maidens of Paris had made use of the French manicure in the year of 1930 and from then the technique has become one of the prime picks when nails are pertained. The women of Paris needed a fingernail refinement which will make their nails glow and above all the nails will have an unconventional fully white-hot tip-off on top of the nails. Then the French manicure kit had been invented .

The special proficiency is on the top of all the fingernail artworks for some precise intellects :

Eternity :

French Manicure is something which will never become out of the trend. There is a possibility thousands of new techniques arising but this one will remain as the most preferable when you are ready to a prepare for your nails. Though there are ample of examples of those which have been obsoleted due to the fresh invention but this proficiency is necessarily act like the aged wine-colored which will be the apple of the eyes till the end .

Sophistication :

Sophistication is one such happening which has built the French manicure special. While some of the techniques are supposed to be too funky, those glance bit curious and cannot really be called intelligent. On the other mitt, a French manicure kit will give you such a ogle and feel that can add an extra point to your finesse. While you have as amiable complexion on your nails with perfectly white-hot gratuities on the pinnacle that calls for the finesse .

All Kinds of Use :

The best part of the technique is you can wear this in everyday exert, parties, role or even in a funeral. This has the accurate combining of kindnes, simplicity, gorgeousness and professionalism. This coalesce attains this the choice of parties. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, school teacher, corporate worker, teenage girlfriend or a party maniac, putting French manicure on your nails will apply an extra mark to your entire garment .

Making yourself passable in front of all is the goal for you and it pairs the current situation perfectly that everyone magistrates a diary by its deal .

Is cellular App Translation Optimized to your goal marketplace places?

Is cellular App Translation Optimized to your goal marketplace places?, It is a fallacy to assume that having a website perfectly designed and adequately restated is enough done. Nothing can be further from the truth in this age where smartphones have proliferated in virtually every market and their appeal as well as usage has probed every buyer passage station .

 Is cellular App Translation Optimized to your goal marketplace places?
Businesses are often ready to embrace the language localization necessitates that brand-new, unfamiliar words of a brand-new market segment and buyer profile necessitate. They are immediate to hire translators, implant agents, report material and re-brand sell for the experience and ease of these brand-new deep-seated of users. Website localization does take a lot of term and endeavour: get the website exhaustively restated and re-designed for the nuances and anticipations of exiting global or transnational. The market is too brimming with countless translators and agencies who promise to facilitate this challenging process with its own language expertise .

However, it would be a complete squander of this money, endeavour, and those terrific tactical moves being made if one forgets the mobile app part of a user’s passage or sell lifecycle. It would not help at all if one does a cursory assistance to this specific area. It is easy to clone whatever has been done for the website in unmindful and shiftless ways to the mobile app. What is superficial is not only half-baked but too potent when it comes to long-term jeopardies of copy-pasting the contents .

One has to appreciate the differences between the two mediums and acknowledge that user behaviour and material programme for word localization of a website is not able to correspond with those of mobile app .

It is vital to understand that given the particularly is a lack of a large-screen format, mobile apps inherently differ from to what pops up and pleas to a customer on a website. Their infinite shortcomings aside, their user interface side, as well as operating system specs, move the whole process quite different from what a website implies. Apart from the organization, visual constants and processor hastens committed; one also has to consider the differences in equipment, storage, security etc ., that a mobile machine is constituted of.
Content has to be in consonance with the type of mobile apps facilitated and their backend constituents extremely, for instance- choosing between hybrid vs. native apps. APIs, their availability, their usage freedoms, their security features and their coding increases have to be carefully taken into account .

The content may remain on the same theme or sell programme but there is not much office for it to remain exactly same. It has to be proportionate to infinite, period, lading goes, eye crusade, UI taste and general app lethargy or heterogeneity that are important for a mobile machine .

introduction FEATURE WRITING ARTICLES with STIE Prakarti Mulya

For the person learners of English can be STIE Prakarti Mulya very required specialist skills inside writing for you to produce a good English-language paper. However, these special skills is actually taken not single by formal education in addition to teaching. with fact, formal education along with teaching to help earn special skills are needed, merely that, not anyone liked your teaching program for numerous reasons. solitary possible cause is too serious throughout learning. inside learning measures This my partner and i often hear inside ‘serious but relaxed’, then my partner and i can acquire quality results.

Talk about a good article on the news, tricky news or maybe soft news, both tend to be categorized news. tough news will be the application form of the news easily and also accurately. your own contents associated with the actual news usually discusses your own dynamics connected with politics, economics, law, thus each time. Instead, soft news is usually a application of news articles that are entertaining, fun, along with timeless. for the soft nature of an news, as well as who can be known in order to feature writing, entertaining along with fun, and then the relevance regarding learning steps ‘serious but relaxed’ and the attributes regarding The type of articles can be a great solution in order to understand appropriate English.

5 intro regarding writing STIE Prakarti Mulya

In ones modern era, In the same STIE Prakarti Mulya way now, Most people usually are acquiring lazy to post coming from hand. They prefer to be able to type which has a keyboard instead of writing through hand. Therefore, It is used added quickly AND does not call for a lot of energy. Well, they\’re five benefits involving writing from hand towards brain, In the same way reported through Mashable.

No less interesting:
Unique, here You may eat exactly your photo on the wrapper indomie
7 your current magic as well as mystery chicken cemani, from the mystical to help science
Unforeseen reasons men kill lover
5 just about all narrow road worldwide
1. It\’s a good calming effect

Write sentences most of these as, “I would possibly be further peace” at the very least 20 times per night out actually apply for a positive impact to the brain, especially intended for anyone in attention deficit disorder.

2. Coordinate your current left brain and also the appropriate brain

Wrote the beautiful classic font will probably assist you throughout coordinating the left brain along with the suitable brain. the process can assist boost your brainpower.

3. Improving cognitive skills

For children, writing through hand is really a tool within improving cognitive skills.

4. Enhancing creativity

Play pen with paper will certainly encourage people for you to be added creative, because the That is an slower system than simply typing something on the keyboard.

5. Improve Memory

You tend to be additional likely make use of a great laptop to help Log ones assignment because the he felt That \’m faster. But, what regardless of whether writing from hand will actually assist you to remember most of the notes? several psychologists believe This to write something from hand offers a great more lasting effect at memory. along with the actual applies to help adults along with children.

Here are 5 launch associated with writing via hand towards brain. You will find quite a few reports in which show It throughout your current period connected with development, children exactly who diligently write by hand have much better memory retention.

Benefits of Spinach for Health

Vegetables benefits for KesehatanBayam Spinach is one of the best green vegetable that has many benefits for our body.

Spinach contains many essential antioxidants and phytochemicals, which help protect the body against various diseases.

In every 100 grams of spinach contained the nutrient content in the form of 3 grams of iron; 81 grams of calcium; 3.2 grams of carbohydrates and 2.3 grams of protein. Spinach is also rich in various kinds of vitamins and minerals, namely vitamin A, vitamin C, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, riboflavin, sodium, thiamin, and magnesium.

With so many nutrients that exist in spinach, it is not wrong if the spinach has a lot of benefits for our bodies, among them:

1. Good for the digestive tract
Spinach is very good for intestinal health. Spinach including those rich in fiber. If you include it in your diet on a regular basis, guaranteed, you will not be troubled with digestion.

2. speaking about the immune system
Vitamins A, C, E, D, and B makes spinach as a vegetable that is ideal for helping the immune system. Because, vitamins keep the number of immune cells in the body so it is enough to tell the body when there is the threat of infection and quickly react to infection.

3. Prevent Cancer
The content of vitamin A and C and fiber, folic acid and 13 flavonoids in spinach is very useful in the fight against cancer cells. Even the results of a study showed that the compound in spinach can reduce the risk of cancer by 34%, especially in breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, skin cancer and stomach cancer.

4. Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease
Spinach is a good source of folate, which can reduce homocysteine, an amino acid found in the blood. The high levels of homocysteine ??in the blood leading to high risk of heart disease. Spinach also contains choline and inositol, which helps prevent the hardening of the arteries.

Pineapple Fruit Benefits To Health Should Know

Pineapple is a fruit that icp capsule contains a variety of vitamins in it. In addition to the unique shape and has a distinctive flavor, pineapple is also very beneficial for health. Blend between sweet and sour flavors are increasingly favored by most people. Moreover, if the fruit is processed into juice, can make the body more refreshed. In addition, the pineapple also can be processed into fruit chips were quite tasty. Some of the properties that exist in pineapple can be felt by someone who consume it every day. But in general, this refreshing fruit is commonly used as a dessert by some people.

You need to know, pineapple plants can thrive in the tropics. Many farmers who opt for the cultivation of pineapple, because in terms of huge profits. Why is that, because of this pineapple can be used as a food ingredient, then health drinks, as well as raw material for skin beauty. So the usefulness of the pineapple fruit is extremely diverse. Despite having so many benefits, but the pineapple is what you get with a fairly economical. The market price of a standard course of this fruit, making it easier for consumers to get it.

So far, probably a lot of people who do not know the benefits of the pineapple fruit. For those of you who want to be healthy and beautiful skin naturally, know some of the benefits and efficacy of pineapple following:

– Healthy digestive system
In the pineapple fruit contains a natural fiber that is capable of digestion. In addition, the content of vitamin C in fruit pineapple are also able to overcome constipation safely. So, for those of you who have digestive problems should immediately consumption of pineapple on a regular basis.

– Overcoming fever and flu
May never be presumed if the pineapple fruit is able to overcome the problem of flu and fever. Know, pineapple will help launch sputum become a bottleneck in the throat. So when a cough due to colds, you can consume this fruit. This is because Vitamin C in fruit pineapple are also able to fight the virus that causes influenza.

– Treating inflammation of the skin
Did you know that this fruit was also able to overcome inflammation of the skin. Yes, the pineapple was able to overcome inflammation of the skin effectively. Whether it’s scaly or flaking skin can be restored to normal. How to use them is not difficult, crushed pineapple with grated way, then Wraps on your skin at night before bed. Furthermore, washing the next day.