1000 Bananas for Health Benefits

Banana fruit is a fruit that has a high consumption rate in the world. Who does not like bananas? Probably almost everyone in the world like this from fruit sati from children to the elderly. You could say banana is a favorite fruit because it tastes sweet, fragrant and tender texture. The fruit can also be processed into a variety of processed foods such as peanut butter, chips, fried foods etc. Besides bananas also contain nutrients that can meet the needs in our body.

Since the time of the ancestors, a banana is believed to prevent entry of the disease into the body. It is true, according to the research content of nutrients that are in bananas can improve the health of the body and facilitate digestion. Bananas which has the Latin name “M. acuminata “has excellent nutritional value, such as providing energy is quite high compared with other fruits.

and the health benefits of bananas for pregnant women

Based on data from the study bananas have a very high nutritional value and also have vitamins and minerals that can not be underestimated. The following nutrient content in bananas: Calories, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Vitamin C, provitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, Etc.

Therefore, consume 1 banana after breakfast can give you a perfect energy to start the day. In addition, bananas can also quickly change the body’s energy is lost after exercise. Bananas are also known to contain small amounts of other vitamins and minerals are also needed by the body. Vitamins and minerals include vitamin E, choline, folate, carotene.


Based on data from the nutritional content, bananas become one of the fruit of the most widely recommended by doctors.

In addition, some studies have also proved if the banana has a lot of properties and benefits, among other things:
Gastrointestinal healthy
Excellent for kidney
Strengthen bones and teeth
Fatigue and Improves stamina
Lowering Blood Pressure
Maintain Eye Health
Fixing Mental Condition
Improve Performance And Brain Nerve Because There potassium content
Maintain fluid balance our body Because Factors Potassium
Improve Skin Health and Beauty
Assisting Program Content Carbohydrate Diet Because There therein.
Reduces Blood Sugar Levels In The Body
Adding Calcium in the Body
Enhance Immunity In The Body
Neither Also On Consumption For Pregnant Women Because There Folic acid content is beneficial for the mother of the fetus.
As a good source of energy for our bodies because bananas contain enough calories is good for our bodies.
Reduces Pain Pain When Using Medium Haid Because Vitamin B6 In it for Regulating sugar levels in the blood circulation.
Bananas can also help smokers who are in the process of quitting smoking because bananas contain vitamin B, magnesium and potassium are very high.

How to Simply click Model Kebaya Modern Bride Right

cincin kawin palladium

How in order to Click Model Kebaya Modern Bride correct — Marriage is usually a sacred moment This dream associated with almost all people worldwide. Yupss .. inside marriage next braided lovers already bound secarah legitimate and also lawful. on the wedding needless to say you would want to retail outlet more beautiful, graceful and also attractive Just as your moment is really a once with an lifetime moment. quite a few things be asked to become prepared on top of any wedding involving single connected with them is usually her trousseau. sole type associated with wedding dress is the all attractive in order to Many people is often a modern kebaya bride.

As in virtually any model involving hijab paris, kebaya likewise have diverse motives, bright colors symbolizes your current beauty of an moment of marriage. However, tentnunya an individual Choose to help your liking and so The idea modern kebaya bridal looks additional harmonious Any time used. whether you use a great veil, You may likewise Choose Tips on how to wear beautiful bridal veil as well as tips wearing hijab As outlined by face shape may complement your wedding dress. Still confused How you can select? Here tend to be a series of The way to pick the appropriate kebaya modern bride for weddings, please always be listened in order to ya:
Choosing Kebaya Modern Bride

How in order to Select Model Kebaya Modern Bride Right
Selection Motif
In choosing kebaya to its wedding, it is advisable to find the motive is not hard yet elegant look. Avoid menus of motifs having a style It is too crowded therefore can establish strange impression from you.

Right color
Besides motifs, colors in addition have a good keys to press role. your own Easiest press button is often a bright color such as white, golden yellow, light green and also other colors.

To fill in the store of any bride, after that You may fill interesting accessories like brooches, necklaces, in addition to bracelets.

Some examples involving wedding kebaya will be ngetrend this year can be being a wedding kebaya image below.
Pictures Kebaya Modern Bride
Kebaya bridal veil while using the latest models. for the creation of any modern veil You\’ll read Tips on how to wear hijab modern rectangle in the previous article.

Benefits of Broccoli for Health (Tested)  

Diet catering murah
brokoliManfaat benefits of broccoli is one of the vegetables that are often made for children. Broccoli is very good to support the growth in children. But there are many who do not like, when I have to eat with this vegetable. Broccoli does not have a taste as good as other vegetables, but it is very melimpih nutrient content and very good for the body.

For housewives who have difficulty to give broccoli, broccoli can vary the menu by adding other types of materials. So that the benefits of broccoli can benefit others as the benefits of corn, meat benefits or benefits of carrots can be obtained simultaneously.

About Broccoli

Broccoli plants included in this type of cabbage such as the benefits of cabbage. On development, the broccoli was recently entered in Indonesia and is increasingly popular, especially the benefits of broccoli is very well known for being a diet program. Views broccoli is like a small tree with lush leaves and looks like a cauliflower. Such as spinach or kale, broccoli efficacy will also be lost if cooked too long.

Nutritional content of Broccoli

brokoliKandungan nutrient content nutrient in broccoli are very high content of vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin K and also contains antioxidants already green vegetables makes a complete this unique nan. A number of important minerals also can be produced by broccoli. Here is the full list.

Vitamins A, C, B, C, dank
This nutrient content provide excellent impact for health, ranging from children, pregnant women, and people in general.

1. Controlling cholesterol

Fiber on the benefits of broccoli controlling the buildup of cholesterol in the body. It is very good for heart health and also prevent symptoms of heart disease. So cook the broccoli by boiling to avoid the use of cooking oil.

2. It is important for eye health

Broccoli is also very rich in vitamin A which serves to maintain eye health and provide better vision. Mata is an important asset for us, so keep intake with our food intake with vitamin A as broccoli, carrots or beans. Lutein in broccoli is also able to maintain eye damage caused by sun exposure or aging.

3. It is better to keep the digestive system

The content of sulforaphane was able to suppress the risk of digestive disorders such as gastritis, gastric infections. Sulforaphane is able to influence the increased production of enzymes in the liver. This enzyme plays a role holding carcinogenic substances cause the symptoms of cancer and removing it from the cell. In medicine, the bacteria are a major cause of injury and stomach cancer or colon cancer.

4. The source of antioxidants

One of the highest content of vitamin C in broccoli is his, this vitamin is very important and acts as an antioxidant that helps the body fight against free radicals.

5. Boost the Immune System

Still associated with vitamin C, broccoli is also very powerful tool to boost the immune system in the body that are not easily attacked by harmful diseases.

6. Effectively Prevent Cancer

Broccoli contains indoles and isothiocyanates and phytochemicals which in some studies have revealed that this substance is very effective in preventing certain cancers, especially prostate and breast cancer.

7. Controlling Blood Pressure

Potassium content contained in broccoli is very important to control blood pressure in the body, it is also good for those who have high blood pressure.

8. Maintain a healthy heart

Institute for Food Research in Norwich, UK through its researchers have developed two types of broccoli to develop broccoli kind ungulan containing glucoraphanin 2-3 times more than the normal kind. The content of these substances is good for heart health and prevent disease.

Broccoli is a super food is excellent, in addition to the above benefits, it is also a source of fiber green vegetables are very high. But of course you have to cook it in a way that is good and true. To obtain maximum efficacy in broccoli you should follow some tips below to get the maximum benefits:

Do not fried in oil
Do not be cooked too long
Keep straight on cooking, do not store it in the fridge in the long term.
Broccoli is also beneficial for the children, so give full healthy foods for your child’s development in achieving their daily needs.

Benefits Pandan Leaves for Traditional Medicine


Pandan leaves used as a fragrance ingredient for sweet foods that use coconut milk. Aside from being a natural fragrances, food with a distinctive aroma, pandan leaves can also be used as a natural green food coloring. Pandan leaves have such alkaloid content, saponim, flavonoids, tannins, polyphenols, and natural pigments.
Pandan leaf turns not only can be used as fragrances and natural dyes in foods, but it is also the pandan leaves used in some traditional medicines. Several types of natural treatment with basic materials such as pandanus leaves among them:
1. Drug nervous weakness
To treat a weak nerve, wash and finely sliced ??3 pandan leaves are still fresh. Boil 3 cups of water until the remaining approximately 2 cups. Once cool, strain the herb. Consumption every morning and afternoon, each 1 cup.

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2. Drug rheumatism and stiff
You need 3 pieces of fresh pandan leaves to cope with arthritis and stiff. Rinse the leaves of pandanus then slice thinly. Mix half a cup of coconut oil which has been preheated. Once cool, apply to the part of your body that is hurt by being given a massage slowly.
3. Drugs to eliminate dandruff
To get rid of dandruff, you simply set 7 pieces of pandan leaves washed and finely ground. Add half a cup of water while squeezing. Then squeeze and strain the water of the pandan leaves. Spread the herb on the scalp is dandruff. Let stand for about 30 minutes. Then rinse with clean water.
4. Drugs for hair blacken
For how to blacken hair, wash and cut into 7 pieces of pandan leaves. Boil 1 liter of water until the water turns green. Keep up the next day. Then, add the herb pandan water with 3 noni juice. Use these herbs to wash. Allow to 10 minutes, and rinse with clean water.


icp capsule
Betel leaf health benefits for indeed many. As a source of natural herbal ingredients, betel leaf has been believed since long usefulness. If we consume herbs from betel leaves, then you will get some benefits as well.

As an easy example is a benefit to care for the cleanliness of the female organs. In addition, betel leaves are also often used as an ingredient in making traditional herbal medicine. Many believe that the betel leaf is a leaf multi efficacy. But before discussing some existing benefits, it helps if we study in detail the betel leaf.

Benefits Betel Leaves For Women


Betel leaf has some good nutritional content for the body. The nutrient content of a motivating factor organs work better. Betel leaves have antiseptic properties, so that the leaves can be used as an external medicine. Benefits for women betel leaves can be used as an antiseptic cleanser is a part of femininity.

How to use it can be used as an antiseptic to clean the area with betel leaves boiled water. Another way to get the properties is to drink boiled water betel leaves. The result will make part of the female organs become natural fragrance and doormats. It would be a natural remedy that is always sought after by women.

Betel Leaves For Health Benefits


Speaking of benefits, there are several other properties that can be obtained from drinking herbal decoction betel leaves, for example, is a herbal drink boiled water betel leaves can help control blood sugar levels in the body. Thus, this method is excellent for use by people with diabetes mellitus.

Health benefits for the betel leaf is also believed to increase appetite. To obtain maximum efficacy, we can consume this herbal medicine every day. This herbal medicine is safer and can be used to increase the performance of your prescribed drugs during the process of curing the disease.

Another benefit that we can get from the betel leaf this time related to facial treatments. We would often run into obstacles facial acne. If you have been doing a variety of treatment methods, but these methods have not been able to overcome spotty stubborn in the face, then you can use the betel leaf.

Benefits Betel Leaves For Acne

Benefits for the betel leaf is able to dry up acne pimples quickly and without a trace holes. How to use it is to make a herbal concoction of betel leaf as acne cream. Soften some betel leaves, and then the natural cream is then applied to the face with acne.

Lastly, you can rinse your face with warm water to clean the acne cream of betel leaf. To get the benefits of betel leaves with a maximum results, you should use the acne medication on a regular basis with the results gradually. Good luck and good luck!

10 Sample institution Opportunity regarding Unemployed

Motivator terbaik
Example institution Opportunity for Unemployed – Welcome towards readers, greeting an success for us all in business. from the particular time frame MY OWN firm references can share accounts examples of firm as well as almost any institution options This can be work from unemployment through which when i offer people 10 examples regarding institution for you to Simply click in addition to sort out which company accordingly.
Being unemployed will be not bad, sometimes when i made it a great seasonal task sole Whenever This is not throughout season through which when i idle at your home or maybe run perfunctory. Make simply no mistake, the actual unemployment will affect anyone, via that absolutely no school, graduated through elementary, junior high, high school and even anyone who have got the bachelor’s degree too numerous unemployed.
10 Sample company Opportunity intended for Unemployed
One of the Simplest alternatives for you to reduce unemployment is actually for you to founded a business, therefore i will recruit various other people Just like employees and indirectly reduce unemployment. You will discover and so many ones regarding businesses as well as corporations That will be work through unemployment, ranging by small capital, medium to help large capital.
However, because unemployment does not usually have quite a few capital, subsequently we provide some examples associated with corporation due to the unemployed using a small capital, is he a number of examples.
10 Examples involving Enterprises with regard to Unemployed throughout Small Capital
1. Enterprises Swimming Fishing
Business opportunities for its unemployed very first could be the fishing pond. the particular solitary corporation can be started in a primary capital of approximately a few million, Equally long Just as you own the land. with a capital regarding several trillion you can create a good fishing pond within adequate facilities. pertaining to the person connected with people which are generally interested please read company options Swimming Fishing and also Analysis regarding initial Capital
2. Culinary Enterprises
Enterprises with the culinary package never die, your own article connected with meals is a easy requirement my partner and i tend to be As human beings. quite a few types associated with meals corporations This my partner and i may try, ranging coming from small to medium capital. one associated with these types of efforts meatballs for you to read towards the reference The best way to corporation Success Selling Meatballs inside Short Time
3. on the internet Business
Online company will be very correct on the run with regard to anyone, be The item unemployment, employees, students and students. people do not need to be able to hesitate for you to labor and birth a corporation online, many references on the internet The item discuss on-line institution for you to recognize independently.
4. Authors Release
What could be the freelance writer? is often a freelance writer whom writes the content or maybe article that was next ordered through the end user or even company. Usually most of these articles will be posted on a great blog or maybe website. certainly i get a commission on every article throughout positng.
5. Selling Roadside
Roadside can be a good promising institution fields, quite a few types of items for you to sell, may include food, products and also others. However, try in order to establish a business on the appropriate location agat not disturb road users. with regard to additional details, please read the corporation Success Tips product sales throughout Roadside regarding Beginners
6. business Franchise
For the person associated with you exactly who are confused for you to delivery a great corporation subsequently you\’ll want to log in your own franchise corporation owner. by which we is usually dispatched and each of the machines This can be needed already by the franchisor. Examples culinary franchises, You might read ones fill reference to the review Example Culinary Venture Capital institution Franchise Small
7. Being youtuber
Lately youtuber can be booming as well as Many people usually are talking about. Youtuber What your hell is that? youtuber can be the person who uploaded your current original video for you to Youtube site. Later my partner and i can sign in because of the advertising programs including Youtube Network and find paid according page view MY OWN video. Being youtuber will be done by anyone without having capital seperpun as well as free, which will be keys to press creative.
8. within accordance Hobby Business
Still confused what starting an business? an individual much better think exactly about what your own hobby is often a hobby today and also is actually routed straight into this company world. for example, whether or not anyone just like in order to play PS2 next You might start an rental institution PS2.
9. within accordance Talent corporation / expertise
In an individual must have had an hidden talent, retail outlet what your own talents and button towards corporation world. But whether an individual still do not know what talent you labor and birth an company This suits the skills. regarding example, you happen to be the expert electronics field, there is nothing wrong whether or not an individual open dong servicing electronic merchandise with home.
10. company Innovative and also Creative
Nowadays, competition with the institution world retains to help increase, throughout need creativity to help make your efforts That my partner and i operate will win ones competition. It Needs for you to possibly be innovative in addition to creative, you\’ll find so many types of products It is creative in addition to seinovatif no matter whether possible, please read your own reference Example Venture corporation Innovative and Creative
Being unemployed offers ones advantage connected with doing business, Just as unemployment absolutely have a desire The idea tricky to be able to always be successful, in addition to unemployment have numerous free day This is filled having a company concentration on the respective fields.

Here are some benefits of Daun Pandan Wangi for health and how to use it:  

Natural medicine appetite enhancer
To make appetite enhancer herbal medicine, provide two pieces of pandanus leaves and then boiled with 2 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup, add honey or sugar as a sweetener. In order to benefit optimally absorbed pandan leaves, drink the potion regularly 2 times a day.

Lowering high blood pressure
Efficacy of fragrant pandan leaves to reduce high blood can be achieved by creating a natural herb 2 pandan leaves of plants that use 2 cups boiling water. Drink every morning and evening so that your blood return to normal.

Herbal medicine rheumatism and stiff
3 Provide fragrant pandan leaves and thinly sliced, pour 1/2 cup coconut oil that has been heated. Then stir until leaves wilt and wait until cold. Combine this medicine with eucalyptus oil to taste and rub on the affected body part rheumatic or stiff.

Calming anxiety and confusion drugs
Benefits for health fragrant pandan leaves can also be used to make traditional ingredients sedative mind. When you feel anxious, Prepare three leaves are then rinse thoroughly. Brewed with a glass of hot water and add 1 teaspoon of honey is sweet, drink a potion while warm.

Getting the Best Holiday in the Mediterranean

Many dream to go to the Mediterranean to learn various cultures, see gems like the sea and taste many of the famous local dishes around the world. The only thing that stood in the way of planning was the budget. Thankfully, there are plenty of cheap holidays karimunjawa tour murah that can be planned when thinking of a holiday in the Mediterranean

There are many countries to visit in the region – Croatia, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Albania, Spain, Morocco, Malta and many more. Turkey’s cheap holiday to the very draw for this is the land of the sun. This helps the adventurers and the exotic to be thrown as an integral part of the holiday package. It is a country where the East meets West and modern meets the ancient, which lies in the background of the mountains overlooking the golden sands of many of the Mediterranean Sea coast.

There are many packages to choose from. Take for example apartments, private homes and villas open to visitors who want to spend their holidays accompanied by their family and friends. The cost of renting a villa is much lower than the cost incurred when staying at an impersonal hotel. Food is also cheaper because it does not need to spend every moment of people hungry. A homemade breakfast is prepared in a much better rental accommodation for the pale and chalky breakfasts served at hotels and inns. And if the food gets better, the price to stay in it will also be higher.

With a cheap holiday planned properly, you not only have the opportunity to explore the world at your own pace but you also do it at the most cost effective. You do not have to get caught visiting the basic tourist trap, you can come down and mingle with the locals and have the best time of your life, without worrying about such hotels and hotels.

All you need to do is get the travel agent online and order the deal you want. Do not rush to plan it, it is best to plan patiently for this is the best way to get that perfect deal. And do not forget to go online and see lots of cheap holidays and rentals as there are so many. Make sure that you are using a trusted travel agency that is recommended by many people.

How to Plant Fruits in a Narrow Field

The Easy Way to Plant Fruits will help us have the orchards we want without having to buy large areas of land or spend a lot of money. Many simple ways to make orchards and we can even plant fruits with pots, so we do not need to use the land to start our orchard. We can even make our backyard or front into a fruit garden with pots. If our land is narrow, then this way will be very effective.

Easy Way to Grow Fruits: Character of Fruit Plants in Pots and Placement

Fruit plants in pots can be quite fussy. For the soil, fruit plants in pots can not be placed in the land that is too wet. These plants should be placed in areas with good air circulation, so after watering, the leaves of the plant will quickly dry out. Pots that hold the plants sufficiently to hold water and moisture that is too high will be able to spread the disease. Therefore, be sure to place the plant in an open space with good air circulation.

One of the most important things is the direction of the plant. Our country has only two seasons, then the placement of plants will not be too complicated. Be sure to learn the character of the plant and place it in a sufficient area of ​​sun and air circulation. With Easy Way to Grow Fruits, we can get maximum results on narrow land.

Easy Way to Grow Fruits without Chemicals

If we follow a good planting way, then we can be sure we can avoid the use of chemicals. By planting the right, we can avoid pests of plants, but if pests still come, we can spray the spices that are not favored by pests.

Another way to avoid pests is to attract the attention of predators who will eat these plant pests. We can also fortify our plants from pests by using fences such as wire fences, rows of plants and so forth. If we can combine all the protection, then we will get maximum results.

We can grow fruit plants in the backyard or in front of us with pots. If we want to be more serious and have enough budget, then we can make a greenhouse. With greenhouses, we have to learn more techniques, but the results we can get will be maximal enough. For effective results, we should make a good plan and learn how to Easily Plant Fruits.

Vacationing with little money at the Caravan


When it comes to choosing a holiday, there used to be very little middle ground between ancient-style campers and luxurious villas. People with budgets should receive their summer vacation karimunjawa tour under the canvas, and though it is quite fun, and certainly luxurious. But now there are many choices and more and more people are choosing new things.

Glamping is a virtual camping, but with luxury, facilities and styles thrown in for a good size. The Yurt holiday is a classic glamping holiday, but if you want to think further out of the box, then living in an old-fashioned cart or caravan could be a way forward for a holiday that you will love, and children will greatly adore. Or an opportunity to adjust to your beloved in a remote place without spending a lot of money.

A number of people have bought and returned old Wagner Showman, and made places interesting and comfortable for a romantic getaway / vacation. Showman carts and Gypsy caravans tend not to accommodate many people. If you think you’ll never be able to overcome the idea of ??a holiday in a caravan park; think again. What about a vacation in an old US air caravan caravan – saved from a magician traveling in Nevada before the desert swallows it? Or a British holiday caravan dating from the 1960s, complete with vintage interiors and on-site facilities? Vacation in a cart or caravan might sound strange, but do not write it down until you try it. If you are on holiday in the UK, this offers little extra protection if the weather is bad; There is always space in Airstream for card games and you will not get wet if you sit on the floor!

Again, if you search hard enough, you might be able to find what you are looking for. If it’s isolation and privacy, then one cart or caravan in a remote place just for you – perhaps with the option of putting up a tent next to the caravan to accommodate children, dogs, or things. If you want the opportunity to mingle with the same heart, then a site that houses a dozen air caravans, maybe a bar, a swimming pool and a small shop can be a perfect choice. Frankly, going today is very important for our sanity – sometimes exchanges like for like (ie home for home, both with internet connection and sky TV) is not a way to encourage proper relaxation / downtime. But leave for a vacation like this, just with the weather to worry about, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled a few miles from a normal life – even if you’re in a static caravan!