Protect your assets with insurance against earthquakes

Time goes slower when trembles, begin to see that the lamps move and run many ideas mind: Where are my personal documents ?, do I get out, or I put in a safe area inside the house ?, Where is the rest of my family?

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The crystals begin to vibrate, and your nervous system seems to fit in your body. It is very easy to become that adrenaline fear, in fear that yours are away and fear of your heritage, which you worked so hard to build, comes down to a furious shaking of the earth.

In Mexico only three out of 100 people considered this fear as a powerful cause to take action, as the percentage of homes insured barely scratches 4%, and most homes insured it is because they are prone to the impact of phenomena such as hurricanes or floods.

However, if you consider that the country has highly seismic regions, it begins to make sense to have a policy of protection.

When houses or apartments are new, usually the Infonavit, Fovissste or the bank granting the mortgage condition the loan to the hiring of insurance, but need not be the owner to protect your property or can you imagine what would happen if the get home department that income has gone down by an earthquake ?.

First Aid When Hit Hard water

The case of the KPK investigator Novel Baswedan being crowded dibacara by many people. Because this kejahat KPK investigators were attacked by people not known to use hard water to attack the victim. And appropriate hardware splashed megenai perpetrators face the KPK investigators. In the case ever before also been a case of hard water sprinkling in some people.

First Aid When Hit Hard water

Hard water have an effect that can make your skin melempuh and other organ damage. Therefore, it is important to know first aid properly. In principle, the method used to help people affected by hard water is the same dengana burns. Here’s a First Aid When Hit Hard water: best earthquake kit

  1. Cover Face
    The face is the primary target of the most frequently attacked. Base due to the skin on the face can cause extremely severe damage to the victim. Therefore, to the extent possible to cover face with hands or other objects to menimalkan exposure to hard water.
  2. Rinse with water total Perhaps the
    way to menimilakan injury due to exposure to hard water is rinsing with water as much as possible. Because of hard water will continue to damage body tissue. And do not rush to bring to the hospital.

    If first aid is ignored, then bad things will happen to the victim. Especially if exposed to hard water is around the eyes, could-be victim will suffer permanent blindness. If difficult to find a source of water, then as much as possible to use mineral water bottles.

    And the need dipastkan is the use of water when rinsing, try to use the normal temperature water, and in large numbers. Do about 30 minutes so that the burning sensation continues to decrease.

  3. Avoid greasing cream, oil, or any medicine to the affected area of hard water
    Use of creams, oils or other drugs that are believed to overcome the effects of burns should be avoided to do. This will affect the handling of which will be given by a doctor later.
  4. Perhisaan loose, shirt, or any objects that are attached to the body are exposed to hard water
    Remove any objects that are exposed to hard water. For example, if you wear a shirt that exposed hard water, immediately remove clothes. It also eases the process of rinsing with water
  5. Avoid contact on the affected areas of hard water
    do not cover the burn with any object, especially a non-sterile. Indeed sterile gauze can be used to wrap the burns, but should not be too strong.

    It aims to prevent contamination, for example during the journey to hospital. However, if no, leave it uncovered and segerlah hospital.

After performing the steps above, quickly taken away to the hospital for further peertolongangan. It is no less important to do is to remain calm when exposed to hard water. Provided that the appropriate first aid, then the bad effects can be avoided.

Natural disasters, (flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, Land Longsong), and deal with it

Natural disasters, (flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, Land Longsong), and deal with it, information tsunami, tsunami warning, earthquake, earthquake-date 2004 tsunami
Flooding and how to deal with it

Natural disasters, (flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, Land Longsong), and deal with it

Have you ever experienced flooding? How do you deal with it? Among you there might be living near rivers prone to flooding. Or may not stay around the river but still flooded. Earthquake kit
Do you know the cause? To answer these questions, we will know in advance what constitutes a natural disaster.
Natural disasters are not only in the form of flooding. There are also earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes (typhoons) and others. You certainly do not want that to happen is not a natural disaster?
However, our country lies in the path of the Mediterranean unstable young folds, then such natural disasters can not be avoided.
Natural disasters resulting in loss of property, residence, valuables, and even lives. You should be able to handle natural disaster, for it is well check out my learning.

A. Flood

Flooding is just one of the many natural disasters that often occur. Flood itself means the overflow of river water into the areas through which the river flows.
This situation is created because the capacity is not sufficient river water with the water volume. As we know that one of the properties of water are looking for a low, then the river that floods will inundate the area in its path.
Flooding is mainly due to human activity itself that did not keep their environment. Flooding is frequent, especially during the rainy season with frequent and heavy intensity. The area being flooded, especially in the area around the stream.
However, areas away from the river was sometimes affected by the flooding also when rainfall comes continuously and rivers no longer able to accommodate the number of rainwater.
The floods that came certainly did not expect, but when floods happen to us, of course we can not simply remain silent and resigned to deal with it.
There are many ways to deal with the flood,
Among them are:
  • Save valuables – Save the people we love afterwards if possible please also people around where we live
  • Move essential items such as electronic goods, bedding, and household appliance to a higher place, for example the second floor or attic.
  • If we do not have an attic then take away essential items such as blankets, money, jewelry, and food ingredients as much as possible.
Prevent Flooding There’s a phrase better to prevent than cure. It is an expression
wise to remember prevention is easier than cure itself. It can be applied in terms of flood prevention.
There are some efforts to prevent flooding, namely:
  • Throw garbage in its place
  • Cleaning drains around our homes
  • Held a voluntary work to clean up the waterways in our village
  • Hold social events to clean up rivers
  • Planting trees to help absorb rainwater
  • Provide land as land to absorb water in times of rain, in other words, not brick up all the land around the house, some of them are left in the form of land.
  • Construct wells to collect rainwater catchment.

B. Earthquake

Earthquakes are natural disasters that occur due to natural processes and not caused by human hand. Based on the cause of earthquakes can be divided into two tectonic and volcanic earthquakes.

1. Tectonic earthquake

Tectonic earthquake occurred due to a shift in the earth’s crust. This earthquake can be small and large scale. Small-scale earthquake is generally only a small vibrations in the area around the epicenter.
While large-scale earthquake in the form of vibrations or big shock accompanied breakdown or collapse of buildings around the epicenter.
Tectonic earthquakes can not be anticipated in advance because it comes suddenly, and there are no specific signs before they occur. If the tectonic come especially large-scale earthquake is then possible to save the stuff is very small.

2. Volcanic Earthquake (volcano)

Volcanic earthquake was an earthquake due to volcanic eruptions. Volcanic earthquakes occurred close to the volcano, and has the shape of an elongated rift same tectonic earthquakes.
Volcanic earthquakes caused by the movement of magma upward inside the volcano, where the shear on the cobblestones produce earthquakes. The earthquake was measured by using a tool called Estimator Richter. Earthquakes are divided into a scale from one (1) to nine (9) based on its size (magnitude).

Facing Earthquakes

The earthquake can not be determined when it happened, but we can do something if the earthquake hits. There are several ways to deal with it, namely:
1. If we are in the room
  • Stay away from items that easily fall, such as a closet and chandelier
  • Turn off the stove when you’re cooking, and also turn off other electronic equipment to prevent fires.
  • Also avoid fragile items, such as glass and windows.
  • Take refuge under a table or other places that are protected from the possible collapse of the goods.
  • Protect your head from possible falling objects that we do not want
2. If we are outdoors
  • Stay away from tall trees, and power lines.
  • Look for an open area such as a field or other place away from trees and tall buildings.
  • Protect your head from possible falling objects that we do not want
3. If we were in a vehicle
  • Immediately stop the vehicle in the open.
  • Stay away from trees, power poles, billboards and tall buildings.
  • Do not stop under the bridge, either overpass or bridge crossing.
  • Protect your head from possible falling objects we do not want.
4 Preparation for emergencies
  • Provide drinking water for emergency purposes. Used bottles of mineral water can be used to store drinking water. Drinking water requirements are usually 2 to 3 liters a day for one person.
  • Setting up a backpack containing (or rechargeable) goods that are needed in refugee camps.
Items that are indispensable in emergency situations, for example:
• Flashlight following its reserve battery
• Drinking water
• Box P3K contain painkillers, plasters, bandages, etc.
• durable food such as biscuits
• A number of cash
• Saving book
• Matches
• Candles
• Helmet
• Underwear
• Valuables should be taken in case of an emergency
The most important thing of all was more to our own private is do not panic facing this earthquake. Stay calm and do not rush, do so with the full calculation. If the need to evacuate; keep to the appointed place and do not approach the lower regions like the sea, to avoid the occurrence of a tsunami.

C. Mount erupts

For the people living in the surrounding mountains, especially the volcano, the mountain erupted possibility is always there. In general, the mountain will not erupt immediately regurgitate material they contain. Mountain would erupt have certain signs.
Such signs include:
1. The occurrence of earthquakes that repeatedly
2. Many animals are leaving the forest around the mountain
3. The air around the mountain became very hot
4. Mount remove dust and smoke continuously
5. Mount discharge-melt or cold lava lava
6. There was a smell of sulfur was overpowering If you already know that the mountain would erupt in your area then you should be evacuated in accordance with government directives.

D. tsunami

Have you seen the impact of the tsunami in Aceh in 2004 ago? Depressing is not it? Many children were separated from both parents, or parents who lost their children and other family. There is no longer a place to stay, the property of floating, even the lives of thousands of victims.
The tsunami wave is a wave that occurs after an earthquake under the sea or an avalanche below sea level. This resulted in a large sea wave with a height up to 30 meters or more in the middle of the sea.

Facing tsunami

Things that can be done if a tsunami occurs is as follows:
  • If we are on the coast or near rivers, sekuatkuatnya immediately ran to higher ground. If possible, ran towards a nearby hill.
  • If the situation allows, go to the evacuation has been specified.
  • If the situation does not allow it to go to the evacuation site, look for multi-storey buildings are reinforced, use the emergency stairs to get to the top floor (at least up to the 3rd floor).
  • If the situation allows, wear a rain jacket and make sure hands free and do not bring anything.

E. Landslide

The landslide is a geological event in which the movement of the ground as the fall of large rocks or clumps of soil. The main cause of the landslide was heavy rain in the area having a steep slope.
A high area with steep slopes and the absence of trees due to illegal logging resulted in landslides that hit the area beneath.
This avalanche of events is often not realized by people who live in hilly or mountainous areas denuded or less have a strong soil resistance.
Landslides also caused a lot of work of human hands could not keep the environment. Avalanche also resulted in many casualties is not small.
Things – things to know or do in order to prevent the occurrence of landslides are:
– Do not cut down trees without the accompaniment of replanting
– Make a planting or reforestation in deforested areas
– Understand the importance of the tree – the tree as retaining rainwater
– Learn to love and preserve the environment in order to remain fresh and beautiful

Diets Healthy For Children At Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Although important for the child to consume a healthy diet, which often happens sometimes vice versa. Children are often difficult to eat. They prefer to eat food that is not good for health, such as roadside snacks, junk food and packaged food products.

It certainly should be of particular concern for the elderly, because healthy food is indispensable for the development of the child. Therefore, parents need to play the brain so that children – children still want to eat with a healthy diet for children. The goal is that children still get enough nutrition to grow and develop both the body and brain.

Recommendations healthy food for children

Below are some recommendations for a healthy diet, which certainly attract children and make children interested in eating it. These recommendations are divided into three types according to the child’s diet is breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Breakfast is very important because as a provision for children to do activities that are active in the morning until noon. Menu breakfast is good for children – children are those containing protein and carbohydrates.

The breakfast menu is interesting for children include:

  • Rice with scrambled eggs and vegetables that are colorful (bright colors that can be obtained naturally from vegetables such as carrots ) or can be a vegetable omelet with a unique shape.
  • For white rice can also be replaced with brown rice.
  • Other menus can be inserted fried spaghetti vegetables, or can also browse vegetables with whole wheat bread and a fried egg.


The ideal lunch menu foods that contain calories, vitamins, and minerals is sufficient.

For the lunch menu diantarannya:

  • Vegetable rice with spinach clear that also comes with chicken tempeh or tofu,
  • Homemade burger with potato and steamed vegetables, and
  • Do not forget to give fruit for dessert.


Dinner in children can follow their parents’ diet. Dinner moment is a moment that is good enough to build a good relationship with children and parents.

Therefore, although the dinner menu must be kept free enough nutrients and hygiene value. Give all children’s milk before bed for the growth to be more optimal.

Things To Know When Diagnosed With Cancer Coping with cancer on a regular basis

Things To Know When Diagnosed With CancerCoping with cancer on a regular basis, whether it is yourself or a loved one, is a difficult time. However, there are many wonderful resources, including this article, that are full of suggestions on how you can deal with the effects of cancer.A lot of people know that a fish like wild salmon is healthy for them. Are you aware that salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acids which help prevent cancer? Having wild salmon a few times a week can assist you in fighting the growth of cancer cells in your body.If you cannot communicate openly and quickly with your doctor, find another one. Having your questions answered as soon as possible is important. Also, make sure to have your concerns addressed as soon as possible.

For patients and families, cancer can easily be a very draining experience. There are a number of cancer treatments in existence, so it’s best to talk to a doctor.Skin cancer is quite common, which makes sun exposure one of the leading causes for cancer smart detox. Protecting yourself with a good sunscreen and a hat will help to prevent skin cancer.Tomatoes are just one of many foods that can be effective in preventing and fighting cancer, including prostate cancer. Most nutritional defenses against cancer are supported by scientific studies.Be sure to eat your three meals a day. It is not uncommon following a treatment for your appetite to be decreased.

Things To Know When Diagnosed With Cancer Coping with cancer on a regular basis

However, if you want the medications to to work as they are intended, while also keeping you as healthy as possible, it is very important for you to eat enough to keep food in your stomach. If you experience problems keeping feed down, try to eat mostly starches. Vegetables and fruit are a good choice, as always.If a family member is suffering from cancer, you should always attend any doctors appointments with them. Having someone in the room who’s calm and clear-headed can help ask question and address your concerns with the doctor.If you are assisting a member of your family who has had a cancer diagnosis and you go with them to the doctor, ask your own questions. You probably have questions, too, and the doctor can help.

Stop drinking coffee if the cancer medications and treatments you are taking are not agreeing with your stomach. Caffeine can make these problems worse, so it’s best to avoid it. You should also try to avoid any other sources which contain caffeine, including soft drinks, tea and chocolate.Can you believe there is a cancer fighting dip? There is, guacamole! Tomatoes, jalapenos, green peppers and avocados should be cut up. Then, add a little lime juice and a small pinch of salt. After that, mash it all up. Avocado, which is this dip’s primary ingredient, has nutrients that suppress cancerous cells from growing in the body. It is nutritious, and it tastes good!Cancer is a major challenge to surmount, there is no doubt of that. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the US, and it is a very scary thing to deal with for a family. As previously discussed, there is a vast amount of advice available to you including what is contained in this article to help you understand cancer.

Cardio – 5 ways To Lose fats fast and successfully

Cardio – 5 ways To Lose fats fast and successfully, The wellness industry has become big business. There are all kinds of adds-on and relieves being advertised as supernatural weight-loss stimulants. The truth is nothing of the force lost this path is sustainable. Gaining weight is based on a few parts. Lifestyle, diet, and genetics. Accomplish an honest evaluation in these three areas to determine where revisions need to be made in order to lose weight. Increased metabolism is something you are born with, but if you live a sedentary lifestyle and have a poor diet, you will eventually gain weight. Living an active lifestyle can sometimes lead to a poor diet which can affect the rate of weight amplification or loss. Dieting alone may allows researchers to shed a few pounds but if their isn’t a lifestyle change, those pounds may arrive slithering back .
Cardio - 5 ways To Lose fats fast and successfully
Being careful about the ga we feed our mas makes a huge difference in how quickly we reach our weight-loss purposes. In addition to changing which is something we devour, a penalty work out routine is required. The three C’s of losing force are cardio cara memperbesar payudara, calories and compatibility. Doing cardio will help ignite fattened while counting calories clears sure we do not consume more than we burn off. With anything in life, compatibility is the key to success. Burn the fatty before starting force civilizing planned, you will build muscle for the purposes of the overweight. Being compatible in your work out and dietary setting will guarantee the results your wishing to .

The human body is an amazing machine. It picks up on chores and adapts accordingly. This process is announced muscle remembering. Being compatible in doing cardio is required but we have to remember not to get caught up in rehearsal chores. For sample: pour on the treadmill for 30 hours everyday at 5 mile per hour may simply work for a few months or so. After a month, your mas will adjust to this programme and you will ignite fewer calories. Try increasing the time “youre running” or increasing the velocity .

Five Thoughts to Accelerate Up Your Fat Loss

1. Moving is good for you, but not every day .

Running every day is hard on your seams whether it is outside, on sidewalk, or on a treadmill. Mix up your cardio programme with other cardio exerts .

2. Interval civilizing is good for you .

On the treadmill, elliptical or bicycle, alternate high-pitched intensity with low-grade intensity in one minute delays. As your endurance improves, increase the intensity .

3. Shake happenings up with incorporating Cardio Blasts into your routine .

Running in place, hopping jacks, move line, burpees are all good cardio shell exerts. Detonating for 15 hours is just as effective as 30 hours on the treadmill .

4. Add one aerobic class per week

One hour of Zumba can ignite 500-1000 calories and Zumba is fun. It gives you a change of scenery as well. We don’t want to get bored with our work out programme .

5. Don’t forget to extend .

Stretching is just as important as the workout itself. It prevents gash and increase your sporting abilities. Sports traumata are actually curb your routine because you will have to slow down to recover. An ounce of prevention is merit one tonne of medication .

Kid’s fun information regarding China And Its Society

Kid’s fun information regarding China And Its Society, China is approximately the same length as The united state. Its person is considering 1.5 billion. Souls that live here have a one-of-a-kind and detailed culture that can be mapped for centuries back. It is very important to apprise little ones involving just how other someones in different locations of the globe live and just how different they are. This will certainly facilitates the cherish unique culture across the globe .
Kid's fun information regarding China And Its SocietyFor Chinese households numerous nutrients have their very own descriptions. The most obvious gap concerning how Chinese beings eat is their implement of chopsticks instead of spoonfuls and crotches .

Cantonese is said to have come from the South while Sichuan originated from the West part of this nation. Hunan on the other mitt is coming from the prime part while Fujiang and Beijing come from the South East and North East respectively. The Chinese docket is also numerous from others around the world .

It is based upon the moons and it is referred to as the lunar docket. New Years develops in winter months. Gatherings are planned to usher in the new and extrude the age-old. Practices in addition to unique nutrients are protruded to. One conventional that is well-known is covering up the flooring as a represent of doing apart with the age-old years rotten luck .

The way in which the years are called and tracked is different just like the docket. Each time is called for a particular pet. This makes sit for 12 years and the specific characteristics is duplicated. 2010 was referred to as the year of the Tiger. Similar to the Greek and Roman zodiacs the pets are pointed out to provide specific features to beings born during specific periods .

Apart from Mandarin Chinese neighbourhoods have 6 numerous other variances of their language. While numerous other languages make use of letters from the alphabet to words texts in Chinese epitomizes stand for texts .

Children will definitely too be interesting to finding out concerning the Great Wall surface of China. Guests from all corners of this world see this country to capture a peep of this wall face that is claimed to have been created over 2000 years back .

Qin dynasty started building of the Great Wall of China at around 208 BC. Other houses that complied with restored and rebuilt several of the locations of the wall. It rises to regarding 25 hoofs and its extent was different from 15 to 30 hoofs. This wall is regarded as among the 7 Wonders of the globe. Nevertheless it is not part of the wonders “thats been” listed by the Greeks

Still Overlooked Crisis Response

Experience proves the human survival instinct became the determining factor of society can survive or not in the “golden moment” when survivors of the disaster. A self-awareness of the disaster is also important for a person or group to be saved from disaster.

Instead, a team of search and rescue (SAR) is not everything to ensure the safety of humans from disasters. In other words, without underestimating the role of the rescue team should never simply rely on search and rescue group to ensure the safety of humans from disasters.

In short, the public should be aware of and independent of the disaster is happening around them and know what to do when a disaster occurs, earthquake emergency kit, It is the individual SAR teams ultimate true to itself it is necessary to understanding and dissemination of stakeholders.

In a survey in Japan gives an example of the importance of self-reliance in the face of disaster. The survey examines the disastrous “Great Hansin Earthquake 1995” which shows the percentage of people who survived the earthquake in the “golden moment” disaster.

Still Overlooked Crisis Response

In the short time that the Japanese people when disaster survivors themselves precisely due preparedness amounted to 34.9 per cent, 31.9 per cent of family support, the support of friends / neighbors 28.1 percent, about 2.60 percent of people support, support rescue team 1 , 70, and other factors of 0.90 percent.

If dosed deeper, true rescue team will come some time after the disaster. For example, an earthquake in an area it will be less likely in a matter of seconds and rescue team in the disaster area. If there is no self-reliance in save themselves necessarily “golden moment” catastrophic short it can actually “kill” when people do not know what to do.

Independence of the community it can be done as the steps to be taken in case of disaster. For example, people should know what is required to do if a disaster occurs such as finding the open, when trapped in buildings seek shelter under the table or the material is strong and stable, and when an earthquake occurs near the coast or sea then you should immediately seek high ground in order to avoid exposure to tsunami ,

Without negating the role of the rescue team, the Head of National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Willem Rampangilei through Disaster Preparedness Day on April 26. encourage the establishment of an independent community resilience to natural disasters that could potentially occur in the vicinity.

According to him, the individual and society is the key that should be increased to ensure the safety of residents in the “golden moment” disaster. In an effort to achieve community resilience BNPB, he added, BNPB initiate the Disaster Preparedness Day is filled with practical actions to be taken in case of disaster.

BNPB, he said, continue to encourage the public to be able to manage the threat of or potential disasters that often occur in the environment. Society must know and understand about what they should do during an earthquake, building fires, tsunamis, flash floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions and other disasters.

“BNPB make April 26 as a Day of Disaster Preparedness aims to cultivate the integrated exercise, planned and sustainable in order to raise awareness, vigilance and preparedness Disaster Resilient communities towards Indonesia,” he said.

For Willem, activities with hash marks #SiapUntukSelamat it is momentum together to socialize that acquisition of knowledge by the disaster itself will be very important to improve the ability to rescue from disaster risks.

In the context of yourself as a safety factor, BNPB initiated 26 April as efforts to achieve a medium-term policy so that the President of the Republic Indonesia set and called for the National Disaster Preparedness Day. By doing so, the anniversary of the disaster all stakeholders including government, non-governmental organizations, the business community and every citizen to conduct disaster preparedness exercises throughout the area. The activity was an important step to educate every citizen that Indonesian society is in disaster-prone areas.

Willem says there is one of the most fundamental things that will be achieved is the blueprint of human development in the face of disaster. Communities should have the ability to recognize risk, manage threats and has resilience. “Capacity ‘wares soft skills’ this is our constant and increase convey to the public. In addition, the importance of disaster mitigation support physically carried by the functions of ministries / agencies of the authorities,” said Willem.

Selection of April 26 as a Day of Disaster Preparedness is the 10th anniversary of the enactment of Law Number 24 Year 2007 on Disaster Management. Some types of exercise undertaken by the stakeholders include, among others, the test siren or the early warning signs of other, test shelter / evacuation and field test of evacuation independently on the environment (school / madrasah secure disaster, the manager of public services, high rise buildings and residential communities) , BNPB seek the involvement of groups with special needs such as persons with disabilities and vulnerable groups, children and the elderly.

Learning From Japan Project Formulation Advisor Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Ishigaki Shigeki said the quake was part of the Japanese state could even be termed part of “culture”.

Called the “culture” because Japan is a country that is often hit by the disaster because the State Sakura islands included in the “ring of fire” as Indonesia. The impact of the geographical location that makes Japan is often hit by earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and other natural phenomena are related.

Shigeki said Japan almost every time a mild earthquake ravaged at least once a month and the massive earthquake one to two times a year. Along sosiliasisi through the mass media and stakeholder efforts to make the Japanese people “familiar” face an earthquake in its own way and know how to handle it if a disaster occurs. “In Japan every 1 September 1923 to commemorate the earthquake in Tokyo. Do 14 training in disaster and updated every year, according to the dominant disaster experienced at the time,” he said.

Japan,   often anticipating the following earthquake dissemination to the public about what to do when an earthquake occurs following the disaster mitigation. School children in Japan since sekoah have been given basic training various things about the disaster. The Japanese government set up a large budget to prepare for a possible earthquake and tsunami as passing avoid making seawall construction.

Chris Ciesa of the Pacific Disaster Center United States said his country also has a disaster warning month in December. “Such training today (26 April 2017) can start with small steps starting from myself, family, school and work. What to do in case of disaster? For example, setting up the logistics supply, family kits and so on. If it starts from the individual better prepared, then the community will be better prepared and more ready state.

Prepare About It For Tsunami Survivors

More than 2,000 foreign tourists dead and the missing fitting tsunami disaster that occurred in countries around the Indian Ocean, 2004. Indonesia was also affected by more than 200 thousand people in Aceh died when the tragedy occurred 10 years ago.

In Thailand, the tourist areas like Phuket also badly affected. Foreign tourists from various countries died and many were missing. There are a few who are victims of a family who come on holiday with the kids. Reflecting on the incident, the following tips tsunami survivors.

Choice Hotels. If you choose to stay at the hotel by the beach, make sure the hotel is ready if the face of the tsunami disaster. Hotels are ready, usually have an evacuation system when the tsunami occurred, as well as the building ready in case of fire.

Some hotels in Bali own certification “Tsunami Ready” indicating that hotel security system was ready in case of a tsunami. Such hotels will have a safe gathering point if a tsunami occurs. Make sure you know the routes and location.

Prepare bags. Wherever you go, always prepare a small bag or backpack containing your personal identity includes a passport or a photocopy of the passport, mineral water in refillable bottles, and equipment P3K and personalized medicine, a change of clothes, a small flashlight, and snacks are energized like chocolate. Make sure you pack this bag is light, do not overdo carrying goods. If there is a disaster occurs, you can simply take the bag.

Design a family gathering place. Get to know your travel area. High area for the running of the tsunami evacuation route. Then plan is also a gathering place for family members if by chance you are separated when a disaster occurs.

Know the signs of a tsunami. Tsunamis are usually preceded by an earthquake. So if there was an earthquake in the coastal area, you need to be vigilant. Although not felt the quake and just plain feels sway, remain on guard. Especially if the sea water receded until it looked seabed and the roar was loud, this is a sign of a tsunami was coming.

Some countries have an early warning system that tells residents when the tsunami came, such as Japan. Obey and follow the instructions if a tsunami warning was issued by the local government come. The announcement also usually given through terlevisi and radio broadcasts.

Run to the hills. When the tsunami came, and flee to the highlands. Stay away from the coast as quickly as possible. Most really run the highest hill. If not possible to run down the hill, look for a tall building and went up to the top floor. After the tsunami hit, do not immediately go down. Stay where as usual the tsunami came in several waves.

Benefits of Moringa leaves for Healthy Body

Moringa leaves have so many benefits because of the content that matters. What are the benefits of Moringa leaves? This article will discuss what are the benefits. Did you know that Moringa leaves can also make tea? Tea is derived from the leaves of this has a very high content of polyphenols.

Functions the same as tea in general, the body mendetok in persons. In addition there are other benefits of Moringa leaves. This will be discussed under any benefits.

ts-moringa leaf

Efficacy of Moringa leaves for health

Because of the many benefits that are owned, scientists call it a miracle plant or “The Mircale Tree”. Here is a list of benefits of Moringa leaves you need to know.

  • Prevent cancer

This disease is among the most common in humans. To prevent and reduce the spread of cancer cells, either by using a smaller place. The main benefit is a deadly cancer cells early so that growth and reproduction does not occur. Even if you do not have this disease also can not hurt to consume Moringa leaf extract.

  • Treat heart disease

If for cancer, the benefits of this leaves only to prevent it for heart disease, the benefits for a treat. Moringa leaves can significantly improve heart health.

  • Overcoming allergies

To get the benefits of Moringa leaves to cope with allergies, use the handle of Moringa leaves and then boiled. Add shallots, pulasari, also water. Boil until boiling then left less. Strain the water and then the routine was to drink it every day. Slowly but surely, diidap allergy will be cured.

  • Coping with diabetes

Diabetes including a scary disease because it can be fatal sufferers. It could even be passed down to children and grandchildren. In the discussion of a book, using Moringa leaf extract 150 mg alone is able to make the diabetes is resolved.

  • Treat sore eyes

Do not be too frequent use of eye drops to treat this disease, use a natural way with Moringa leaves. How to use it is to use the three handle of Moringa leaves and blander or mashed, added with 100 ml of water. Squeeze the juice so that you can get. Use it in a way shed pollen or eye wash.

  • Overcoming stiff, arthritic, also pain

How to use Moringa leaves to treat the three diseases are mashing two handles. Then added with whiting as much as half a spoon. Use the potion to param (rub on the skin).

  • Heal eye irritation as well xeropthalmia

How to get the benefits of this leaf is smooth the three handles Moringa leaves and brewed using a glass of boiling water. Stir and set aside some time, strain when it is finished. Do not immediately use, wait until the tepid or cool and then add a few spoons of pure honey. If you want to sleep you can add pure honey.

That he is what are the benefits of Moringa leaves. A lot is not it?

Content of Moringa Leaves

Is the content contained in Moringa leaves so a lot of benefits? The answer is a lot, some of them are.

  • Potassium outnumbered threefold compared to bananas.
  • Calcium is outnumbered four-fold compared with the milk.
  • Vitamin C are more numerous seven-fold compared with oranges.
  • Vitamin A larger number of four-fold compared with carrots.
  • Proteins are more numerous twice from milk.

That he is what are the benefits of Moringa leaves to treat disease. Terrible is not it?