Benefits of Melon Fruit for Health

Melon fruit may be less famous than his brother the watermelon. The price is also cheap, unlike other fruits. However, it does not mean the benefits of melon fruit can be underestimated. Melon fruit is very popular among people, ranging from children to elderly.

Melon fruit has a lot of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body, not just against free radicals like other fruits. The benefits of melon fruit more than that. Here are the content in melon fruit and its benefits for the body.

1. Vitamins
The content of vitamins in melon fruit including complete and all are very instrumental in maintaining the health of our bodies.

Vitamin C present in melons not only serves as an antioxidant, but also plays a role in the growth and care of tissue cells in the body. Indirectly, the vitamin in this fruit helps the wound healing process. In addition, this vitamin is also good for healthy bones and teeth.

Vitamin A in melons plays a role in maintaining and treating the retina, so this fruit is very good for eye health. Vitamin A is also very good for healthy teeth, skin, and bones. Based on research, someone who lacks vitamin A will experience a decrease in body resistance.

2. Minerals
Minerals in melons are good for digestive health. This mineral can get rid of acidity in the stomach that can interfere with digestion. This mineral can also cure constipation.

3. Anticoagulants
The content of anticoagulants in melons can prevent blood clots in the body, so the body protected from stroke and heart disease.

One more benefit of melon fruit that is not possessed by other fruits is this fruit has diuretic content that can help cure kidney pain.

5. Carotenoids
Carotenoids in melons are useful to prevent cancer, and can greatly reduce the risk of lung cancer.

6. Lycopene
The content of lycopene in melons can prevent cell damage and prevent heart attacks.

There are many benefits of melon fruit, but one thing is certain, the water content in the melon can provide freshness and also very good for our skin.

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