A value chain has become a blue print (blueprint), or can be regarded as a red thread on a business. Actually there are six business functions that will result from the manufacturing value chain, as follows:

1. The function of research and development.
2. Functions for product design.
3. Serves as a service or it could be for the production process.
4. The function of marketing and sales of products.
5. The distribution function of the product.
6. Serves as customer service (customer service).

Actual business activities can be divided into two kinds of categories such as main activity, and also including the support activities. Main activities (primary activities) include the following:

1. Logistics Sign (Inbound Logistics).

An activity or activities that will be directly connected with the reception, storage and distribution of inputs / raw materials, as well as the handling of raw materials, Konsultan Iso Freelance ,warehousing, inventory control, schedule vehicle and also returns to the suppliers.

2. Operations (Operations).

Is a form of activity that will be connected by means of changing the input or raw materials to be the shape of the final product, such as machining, packaging, assembly, equipment maintenance, product testing, printing and many others directly related to the operational processes of production.

3. Logistics Exit (Outbound Logistics).

An activity that can be associated with the collection, storage and distribution of the product to the buyer, as well as finished goods warehousing, material handling, operational delivery, ordering process and also includes scheduling.

4. Marketing and Sales (Marketing and Sales).

An activity to induce or attract buyers to immediately purchase, as well as advertising, promotion, salespeople, quotas and price.

5. Service (Service).

is an activity that has been associated with the provision of services in order to increase and maintain the value of the products, such as mobile installation, repair, training and product additions.

While supporting activities (support activities) in general, divided into 4 different categories of activities, namely:

1. Procurement or procurement.

Relates to how the raw materials are obtained. And it refers to the purchasing functions such as purchasing raw materials, supplies and other items that can be assets such as machinery, laboratory equipment, offices and buildings.

2. Technology Development or development of technology.

Consists of various activities that are grouped into the effort to improve products and processes. Technology development is particularly important in competitive advantages for all industries.

3. Human Resource Management.

Human resource management which includes all forms of recruitment activities, training, human resource development. This is directly related to the activity in hiring and retaining the right employees to help to design, build and market the product.

4. Firm Infrastructure.

Activities infrastructure company consisting of a number of activities including general management, planning, finance, accounting, and quality management.

Within each category of events / activities, either in the main or only supporters, there are three types of activities that have a different role in these activities, namely:

1. Direct (direct), ie activities that involve directly in the manufacture of value to the buyer, such as assembly, advertising, product design, recruitment and so forth.
2. Indirect (indirect), the activity allows the direct activities on an ongoing basis, such as maintenance, scheduling, administration, research and so forth.
3. The quality assurance (Quality Assurance), is an activity which guarantees about the quality of other activities such as, monitoring, inspections, testing, inspection and so forth.

Process in arranging all these activities so that it can be analyzed properly so-called value chain management. The goal of value chain management is to ensure that those responsible at every stage of the value chain can communicate with each other and to ensure that products can reach the hands of customers smoothly. Hopefully the above article useful and become the best reference for the reader. (From various sources)

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