How Mmengatasi Earthquake

If an earthquake occurs while you are at home….

If the earthquake occurs when you are at home or in the office, the first thing you need to do is to protect your body. In order not affected by furniture or other objects downfall, take cover under a table or in the restroom.


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If an earthquake occurs while you are outside of the building …

Stay away from power poles, street lamps, and large objects and other high that might be collapsed. Protect your head with a bag and head to the nearest evacuation site, such as public parks and schools.

If an earthquake occurs while you are near the sea …

Earthquakes can also result in a tsunami. Therefore, if you are near the sea during the earthquake, immediately go to the nearest evacuation point. Usually, on the coast and coastal areas in Japan there are signs evacuation instructions like in the photo above. The evacuation is usually located in a high place like a hill.

After the earthquake stopped …

After the earthquake finished else, usually indirect tsunami came. Therefore, stay in the evacuation or high places. For evacuation information and other matters shelter from the earthquake, open page. The website is open 24 hours, and here you can consult about emergencies such as earthquakes and sudden pain in English.

Pamphlets evacuation of earthquake

Many hotels and inns that provide pamphlets on how to evacuate when the earthquake happened in English. As a precaution, ask for the pamphlet from the front desk.

When an earthquake occurs, do not forget to protect your body. Know how to protect and evacuate so you’re always ready and happy when the earthquake struck.

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