Holidays to Yogyakarta Tour Bus With Family

The first thing I do after I set foot in the city of Jogja not forget I say Alhamdulillah, thank God who has given us salvation on the way to Jogja.

Fortunately, when arrived in jogja it is still at 8 is so transport is still easy to get Bus Pariwisata. At that time I contacted my friend who was di Jogja to pick me the place where we have agreed to meet, my friend who was in Jogja I already know since childhood since he was college in jogja I play to the residence of the boarding home stay he luckily looking for a resting place As well as my residence during my vacation in Jogja, there I feel lucky to have a kind friend offer me a place to stay with him it also helps me in financial terms not have to rent a hotel or any other lodging.

After a long time, I did not meet my friend who in jogja when I met him I am very happy to be given the opportunity to meet him. My friend who was in Jogja immediately took me and my friend from Jakarta to home stay which is located not far from the university where he attended there as well. The day we just got to home stay we intend to take a break to straighten the bones that seemed stiff while traveling earlier. It did not feel the faster the time the sun was going to sink, we immediately rushed to bathe and at that time me and some of my friends intend to enjoy the night Jogja on Malioboro street, who does not analyze Malioboro street in Jogja city. Malioboro street is an icon that symbolizes the city of Jogjakarta every person who visited Yogyakarta must not forget to take the time to visit that road. There I feel like this my new life so that my mind is relieved to forget all the duties and business during the lecture. On Jalan Malioboro I and some of my friends enjoy my first night by eating and drinking on the edge of Malioboro street, one of the Malioboro known to many people namely many rice traders called angering.

With the dish, angkringan is what it is and including traditional food is the most rarely felt during the Jakarta. This is a plus for me and my friends can feel the holiday together in Jogja. There we ordered a lot of food and drink, a drink that I love is a coffee joss where black coffee mixed with charcoal wood burning and also typical food Jogja is guided, it is not the two of them let alone enjoyed with Bus Pariwisata   and the atmosphere of Jogja beauty full is so fascinating.

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