First Aid When Hit Hard water

The case of the KPK investigator Novel Baswedan being crowded dibacara by many people. Because this kejahat KPK investigators were attacked by people not known to use hard water to attack the victim. And appropriate hardware splashed megenai perpetrators face the KPK investigators. In the case ever before also been a case of hard water sprinkling in some people.

First Aid When Hit Hard water

Hard water have an effect that can make your skin melempuh and other organ damage. Therefore, it is important to know first aid properly. In principle, the method used to help people affected by hard water is the same dengana burns. Here’s a First Aid When Hit Hard water: best earthquake kit

  1. Cover Face
    The face is the primary target of the most frequently attacked. Base due to the skin on the face can cause extremely severe damage to the victim. Therefore, to the extent possible to cover face with hands or other objects to menimalkan exposure to hard water.
  2. Rinse with water total Perhaps the
    way to menimilakan injury due to exposure to hard water is rinsing with water as much as possible. Because of hard water will continue to damage body tissue. And do not rush to bring to the hospital.

    If first aid is ignored, then bad things will happen to the victim. Especially if exposed to hard water is around the eyes, could-be victim will suffer permanent blindness. If difficult to find a source of water, then as much as possible to use mineral water bottles.

    And the need dipastkan is the use of water when rinsing, try to use the normal temperature water, and in large numbers. Do about 30 minutes so that the burning sensation continues to decrease.

  3. Avoid greasing cream, oil, or any medicine to the affected area of hard water
    Use of creams, oils or other drugs that are believed to overcome the effects of burns should be avoided to do. This will affect the handling of which will be given by a doctor later.
  4. Perhisaan loose, shirt, or any objects that are attached to the body are exposed to hard water
    Remove any objects that are exposed to hard water. For example, if you wear a shirt that exposed hard water, immediately remove clothes. It also eases the process of rinsing with water
  5. Avoid contact on the affected areas of hard water
    do not cover the burn with any object, especially a non-sterile. Indeed sterile gauze can be used to wrap the burns, but should not be too strong.

    It aims to prevent contamination, for example during the journey to hospital. However, if no, leave it uncovered and segerlah hospital.

After performing the steps above, quickly taken away to the hospital for further peertolongangan. It is no less important to do is to remain calm when exposed to hard water. Provided that the appropriate first aid, then the bad effects can be avoided.

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