Diets Healthy For Children At Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Although important for the child to consume a healthy diet, which often happens sometimes vice versa. Children are often difficult to eat. They prefer to eat food that is not good for health, such as roadside snacks, junk food and packaged food products.

It certainly should be of particular concern for the elderly, because healthy food is indispensable for the development of the child. Therefore, parents need to play the brain so that children – children still want to eat with a healthy diet for children. The goal is that children still get enough nutrition to grow and develop both the body and brain.

Recommendations healthy food for children

Below are some recommendations for a healthy diet, which certainly attract children and make children interested in eating it. These recommendations are divided into three types according to the child’s diet is breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Breakfast is very important because as a provision for children to do activities that are active in the morning until noon. Menu breakfast is good for children – children are those containing protein and carbohydrates.

The breakfast menu is interesting for children include:

  • Rice with scrambled eggs and vegetables that are colorful (bright colors that can be obtained naturally from vegetables such as carrots ) or can be a vegetable omelet with a unique shape.
  • For white rice can also be replaced with brown rice.
  • Other menus can be inserted fried spaghetti vegetables, or can also browse vegetables with whole wheat bread and a fried egg.


The ideal lunch menu foods that contain calories, vitamins, and minerals is sufficient.

For the lunch menu diantarannya:

  • Vegetable rice with spinach clear that also comes with chicken tempeh or tofu,
  • Homemade burger with potato and steamed vegetables, and
  • Do not forget to give fruit for dessert.


Dinner in children can follow their parents’ diet. Dinner moment is a moment that is good enough to build a good relationship with children and parents.

Therefore, although the dinner menu must be kept free enough nutrients and hygiene value. Give all children’s milk before bed for the growth to be more optimal.

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