Considerations When Buying a Home Alarm Will

Harga Fire Alarm Addressable – Completing the tips we some time ago, this time we present step by step when we are going to buy a house alarm. Consult with the seller about this issue, so that they can provide the best price and the system for you. May be useful.

Step 1 : Begin by looking around our homes to determine there are how many windows , doors and outside areas that need to be protected . Write down everything into one note.

Step 2: Determine the location fitting to put the panel control and keypad. Points that can be used for the keypad generally is d i space to sleep , near the entrance, office or locations that are considered the safest.

Step 3: Approximately se how far kah windows and doors from panel c ontrol. This will give you an idea of how long the cable that must be in drag when the alarm system put on the cable . If you choose a wireless system, it becomes a picture of whether the sensor  b isa communicate with the panel or not . Keep in mind: me install a cable system d i buildings so it is more difficult and requires a skill in itself. Pel teach was more about the difference between the cable system with wireless.

Step 4 : Determine whether we want to use the services of an alarm monitoring ? If yes, then we must prepare bia yes monthly per her. There is a cheaper alternative, which is to me to put up the voice dialer that will call a personal phone or a phone number other if it occurred alarm .

Step 5: Record the daily habits of our family. Are there often wake up at midnight to look for c e milan or go to the bathroom? Are there pets are allowed to roam in the house? Do you have a precious treasure that require hardware security more sophisticated, such as c amera CCTV? This condition will affect the placement of motion sensor -semisal PIR indoor-  and sensors else we need , for example, door contact in connecting doors between rooms.

Step 6: No matter how we choose wired or wireless systems, all of these systems must be able to monitor the entire area in the house. Every window, door and other devices connected to the system is considered a zone. The number of zones in the system varies from one brand to another. For example, a wireless control panel with a capacity of up to 28 zones, in general, is more than sufficient to protect the homes.

Step 7: Be aware that if we choose the cable system, the technician (installer) must pull cables and drill a few holes in the wall. If you choose a wireless system, the transmission range should be enough to cover the whole place and reaching the farthest sensor farthest from the control panel. This is a trade-off between cables with a wireless system.

Step 8: Very important also to equip a home security system with additional sensors, such as detector CO ( carbon monoxide ) in the surrounding area of the garage, LPG leak detector in the kitchen, the overflow detector ( flood detector ) in wet areas and semisalnya. Consider also to install one or more panic buttons, in addition to which there is a panic button on the wireless remote control system.

Step 9: Home alarm system must be user-friendly . One of these characteristics is the time of replacement or PIN was easy and simple procedure. In short, all adult family members can learn how to operate the system, without any complicated impression.

Step 10 : Make sure the back matter of warranty, whether covering the cable installation or just the product alone. Make sure also whether the goods are defective within the warranty period will be replaced by new or repaired. reasonable warranty period 2 years-more worthy of consideration than the old one, but the seller is difficult to be contacted, the engineer is not forthcoming or product is often cranky.

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