Benefits Pandan Leaves For Health

Pandanus leaves are often used in a wide variety of dish recipes in their own country. Pandan leaves most often used in the manufacture of pastry native to Indonesia. The jam pandan leaves is very typical when used in various baking, because it can produce a natural coloring to the cake and also the pandan distinctive scent.

Pandan leaves
Not only in terms of cooking or household needs but also the pandan leaf benefits provide support for some health problems, the following are some of them:

Relieve symptoms of arthritis – pose your yaang fresh pandan leaves two or three pieces. Then cici and sliced ??into small pieces. Prepare half a cup of coconut oil which has been heated and bitterly pandan leaves with the oil. Stir until smooth, then after cooling can be used as an ointment sick parts
As a sedative – If you have trouble sleeping, benefits pandan leaves with substances such tranquility tanin effect on the benefits of chocolate, so it can help fast asleep. The trick, as many as two pieces of pandan leaves washed and sliced ??into small pieces. Brewed with a glass of hot water. Filter pandan leaves after drinking cold water and steeping sekaliggu. Do it regularly twice a day.
Overcoming Insomnia
Helps cope with stress
Smooth bowel movement
Preventing Cancer
Preventing diabetes
Haid launched
Colon cleanse free radicals
Source of antioxidants
Prevent premature aging
Helps overcome constipation
Helped launch a fart
Help the body’s nutritional needs.

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