Benefits of Soursop Leaf for Healthy Body

Soursop leaves have so many benefits to expel various kinds of diseases. From mild to severe disease that can be prevented or treated with the leaves of the soursop. What are the benefits of soursop leaves? This article will discuss.

Soursop fruit is good to eat, but the leaves? Although it is not good to eat but useful to eliminate and prevent diseases. Here is what are the benefits of this are easily available leaves.

benefit-leaf-soursopEfficacy Soursop Leaf for Healthy Body

  • treat ulcers

To treat ulcers using soursop leaf that has been smoothed. Then paste it just boils and wait until dry.

  • Prevent tumor

With the leaves of the soursop, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and the development of tumors will be inhibited. Although not suffering, it does not hurt to drink soursop leaf herb for maintaining good health. Better to prevent than to cure.

  • Treat gout

How to treat this disease is to use the water decoction of leaves of the soursop. Use six to ten leaves of the soursop is added with two glasses of water. Boil it all together until the water is shrinking glass. Drink this mixture twice a day in the morning as well the afternoon.

  • Treat Back Pain

Indeed there are many drugs to cure back pain but often cause side effects for pengonsumsinya. Instead it happened is better to use the benefits of soursop leaves as well as possible.

Eat the same with only different ways over many leaves and water. Boil 20 soursop leaves to use as much as 5 cups water. Boil until the water becomes slightly, about 3 cups. Drink it twice a day, in the morning as well the afternoon.

  • Overcoming rheumatic diseases

This disease usually diidap by older people. If you’re a relapse, the pain will be felt. Well, that’s one of the benefits of soursop leaves, which overcome rheumatic diseases. How to treat these diseases, not to drink the water, but by applying a finely ground leaves of the soursop. Do it twice a day. Then let stand until dry passable.

  • Treating eczema

Skin diseases including eczema can also be cured with soursop leaf. How to use it is used as a kind of mask and then smeared on the itchy area. Do it twice a day. The benefit is going to make the pain is reduced.

  • Eliminate head lice and dandruff

Soursop leaves can make all kinds of parasitic growth on the scalp so obscured. Soursop leaves is used to wash it. Boil the leaves first sirsaknya for 10 or 20 minutes. Later all the parasites that of cause of two hair disease that can die and not come again.

It was he any disease that can be eliminated by using this soursop leaves.

The content of Soursop Leaf

Why soursop leaf has many benefits? Therefore a lot of content that is owned. Any abortion? Call it the antiviral, antibacterial, anticancer, antimalarial, antiparasitic, antitumor, antispasmodic, antileishmania, tranquilizers, diuretics, stomakik, galactogogue, tranquilizers, and others.

With the content of the health of so many people helped. Not difficult to obtain because it is the fruit of soursop leaf is grown in Indonesia. How to use the plant to treat or prevent the disease is also easy. Only drink or rub it on the affected part. It was not immediately disappear but over time also will work, it’s a herbal medicine.

 That information about the benefits of soursop leaves are very useful for health. What you want to try to use these leaves as a medicine for you?

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