Benefits of Potatoes for Health

boiled potatoes carbohydrate source
Boiled potatoes, one source of carbohydrate-containing foods high.
Know the Benefits of Potatoes for Health – Potatoes are vegetables and one of the family of tubers originating from the United States. But with the development of the age of this plant is cultivated and developed in other countries, especially in Indonesia. Potatoes have become a popular food in many countries they even use them for food alternatives to rice and help the diet naturally.

Besides potatoes have become an alternative medicine to cure diabetes (diabetes) that is used by healers and traditional herbal medicine. Because the content of potatoes that have a function to neutralize various bacteria and germs that enter the body. If processed in any form, the content of the potatoes will not disappear at all. Because the temperature levels in potatoes does not change.

Nutrition Potatoes
Existing content in the potato is composed of 70% nutrition and 30% other substances. Other substances such as proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, vitamins and other minerals. The content of this potato can be a standard daily diet to consume it because it is good for the health of the body. Thus was potato consumption in any form.

Efficacy Chips For Body Health
There are several properties of potatoes for health, among others:

Rich in fiber and prevent various diseases

The fiber content in the potato is very high comparable to wheat. Useful fiber for digestive system in the body. Highly recommended for consumption for those who lean and less weight. Also can be used to program people who diet. Because potatoes are useful to measure the levels of calories that will be disposed of by the body.

The fiber content in potatoes can prevent many problems that arise in the digestive system. Besides it can prevent the onset of heart disease, prostate cancer and uterine cancer according to research by nutritionists. The content of vitamin B6 in potatoes can destroy the tumor and the growing crystal as a virus in the body and prevent nerve disorders.

Helps lower cholesterol levels

Potatoes contain a lot of calories as rice. But the potato has a soft texture and make long-lasting satiety because calorie-balanced and thick pile. Moreover, it can help decrease cholesterol levels in the body. Potassium beneficial substances to destroy heaps of cholesterol in the digestive system, especially on the circulatory system. We need to know this in order to always consume potatoes regularly.

Prevent kidney stones and reduce inflammation

Potatoes contain a lot of iron and calcium that will form and settle into a cause kidney stones and uric acid levels in the circulatory system. But the content of his potatoes were much magnesium can prevent kidney stones and refuse sediment in the system network. Therefore, potato proven effective for preventing and treating kidney stones. Similarly, doctors advice that eating potatoes for people with kidney stones is very good.

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Potatoes that have a smooth and creamy texture and easy to digest useful for inflammation both inside and outside like, inflammation in the mouth, intestines and digestive system. In addition it is good to heal burns, rheumatism, stiff, bruised by rubbing and can also be eaten but previously boiled first.

Relieves stress and good for brain development

The content of vitamin B6 in potatoes can relieve stress in the mind. Because adrenaline can renew cells and make your mind and body feel relaxed, fun and fosters a feeling of calm. In addition, the content of vitamin B6 can also help the development of the brain and nervous system. Potatoes also contain a lot of copper and iron.

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