Benefits of Fruit Wine for Beauty Care          

Grapes image for Beauty – Benefits of Grapes for wine KecantikanBuah Care was not only beneficial to the health of our bodies, but also have properties for beauty treatments. Some of the benefits of grapes for beauty treatments include:

1. whiten teeth
Ripe grapes that can be used as a snack menu for you who want to whiten teeth. Malic acid contained in grapes, will naturally remove stains on the teeth, as well as address the discoloration of the teeth.

2. Beautify nails
‘Scrub’ wine is rich in antioxidants can soften the cuticle and eliminate annoying hangnail.

Combine 10 red wine with two tablespoons of granulated sugar into a food processor ‘. Use the mixture to massage your nails. When finished, wash the mixture using a wet towel.

3. Eliminate wrinkles on the face
To remove wrinkles on the face, grape seed oil can be a solution. How, by rub in the area face started to twitch before going to bed, as reported from

Grape seed oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids that can make your face look younger.

4. Brighten skin
Take 1-2 grapes that have been peeled, then squeezed by hand. Mix with honey (± 2-3 drops), then apply to a clean face. Let stand about 15 minutes, then rinse using plain water.

5. Moisten face
To moisturize the face, sliced ??grapes into 2 parts, then apply on face and leave on for 15 minutes. Then rinse with plain water. You can do this treatment twice a day, in the morning or at night before bed.

6. Eliminate the black spots / stains of acne scars
Wine to the face mask can to eliminate black spots or acne scars on the face. It also can make the face become more radiant and moist and free from the influence of harmful chemicals that commonly exist in facial cleansing products.

Sliced ??grapes in half and rub on the face and leave for 30 minutes. After a rather dry and moist, do massage on the face slowly (like peeling) with clean hands. After that, rinse with plain water. Do this at least three times a week for a month.

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