5 Essential Small Appliances for a fresh Kitchen

Kitchen Appliances are the necessary equipment which are being used in day to day basis to make life easy and comfortable. There are numerous items that it is absolutely necessary for comfortable living. Small Devices are wonderful to have in the kitchen.

The thought of a brand new kitchen always brings by it a desire to equip it with the right appliances particularly if the room available is minimal. There some unique home appliances every kitchen should have as these are perfect for different functions and can be very helpful in a number of ways. While searching for these small appliances, there is the need to always be thoughtful and pick something that is multi-functional, thus eliminating the need for multiple items meant for different functions like service ac.

For example, when it comes to baking, the best toaster oven will be more ideal than buying a microwave, oven, steamer and a best toaster oven differently. As such, always weigh the needs you have and buy a tiny appliance that is capable of replacing many others to avoid cluttering your kitchen. Here are 5 essential small appliances for a new kitchen: –

A Blender

Undeniably, a blender is vital for any new kitchen particularly if you want to enjoy healthy juices. There are different types of blenders available in the market and you should manage to decide whether you need an immersion blender or a countertop blender. Each and every of these two types of blenders has their pros and cons and reading blender reviews will be helpful in your decision making. When buying a blender, it will be important to choose one which offers versatility and power particularly if you are not constrained by area.

If space is an issue, a multi-functional immersion blender will be worth the investment but be sure you pick the one that does blend and whip your components among other things.

Foods Cpu

A food processor is one of the small appliances you will definitely need in your new kitchen. The tool can be used to accomplish so much in the kitchen, therefore, which makes it a useful investment. You should look for a food cpu that has the right capacity based on your family needs. A good food processor will dice, slice, whip, and even grid. All these functions can be accomplished in just a matter of minutes thus making your job easier and enjoyable. Again, when looking for the best food processor, always consider the size and the functions. This way you will be guaranteed of amazing results.

Toaster Oven

If you miss any other small appliance, be sure you have the best toaster oven in your kitchen. This is often called as a miracle appliance that guarantees amazing results particularly when you need to bake, warm food, toasted bread your bread, melt cheese, and defrost frozen foods and much more. Usually look for the best toaster oven models as these will guarantee amazing results specially when you need to make amazing toasts. You can read some best toaster oven and cast your eyes on different models and brands to help you make the right decision.

An Electric Mixing machine

An electric mixer will definitely help you save time and energy when you need to mix different ingredients. Presently there are two possibilities when it comes to electric mixers and these come in form of palm mixer and kitchenaid artisan 5-quart stand mixers reviews. In accordance to many user reviews, a kitchen stand mixer will be great particularly if you’re an enthusiastic baker but if you do not intend to be cooking too much, a hand mixer will serve you all right. Hand mixers are well suited for occasional mixing duties such as making pulled cream, beating egg whites, smoothing cake batter and the like. Basically, this appliance will make your life enjoyable and easier.

The Pressure Cooker

In your entire having, don’t forget to buy a pressure pot. There are many types of pressure cookers in the market with the best power pressure cookers topping the list according to user reviews. The beauty of a pressure cooker is it slashes your cooking time by more than 60% and supporting save on energy.

You can get the right size that serves your requirements and you’ll not regret. BasicallyArticle Submitting, these 5 small devices are not expensive but will give you so many amazing benefits while saving you money. They will are worth investing in as you start work in your new kitchen.

How it changes Testosterone Levels With Era?

Everyone would like to age gracefully such that the age is simply a number and gives to one’s charm. Nevertheless in practice, this may sometimes cease to happen. In more cases than not, underlying reason for the same is the declining testosterone levels  of manfaat minum fiforlif.

Every person would like to age gracefully such that age is simply a number and adds to one’s charm. However in practice, this may sometimes cease to happen. In more cases than not, fundamental reason for the same is the declining testosterone levels.

Testosterone is the powerful hormone which functions a number of functions in our bodies, including

managing sexual desire
regulating sperm manufacturing
promoting muscle mass
regularizing levels of energy
A decrease in testo-sterone levels could be a significant matter in the life of most people. Decrease in testosterone levels with age is nevertheless a natural part of aging.


Whilst one is in the developing stages as a fetus in the tummy, testosterone plays an natural part in development. This hard drives the development of men reproductive system as well.


It is while one is an adolescent or at the begining of adulthood that a person’s testosterone levels are the highest. During puberty, first signs of testosterone or androgens are apparent.

a boy’s voice changes
his shoulders broaden
facial structure becomes more assertive
On the other hand with passage of years, testosterone levels commence to decline. This declines at around 1% per yr after 30 years of age.

Low testosterone could be linked with sexual complications, some of which include: –

A loss in libido
Inability to get spontaneous erections
Impotence problems
Infertility in women
Decreasing levels of testosterone may also lead to changes such as

Feeling tired all the time
Not getting the desired results with weight loss
Reduced performance at work
Enhancements made on sleeping patterns
Emotional changes
Increase in body fat
Reduction in muscle bulk or loss of power
Reducing bone density
With advancement in medical science, doctors have come to discover that low testosterone levels could be the underlying cause of disorders such as

coronary artery disease
depressive disorders
While the symptoms as mentioned above may be considered as normal part of ageing, these may also result from some underlying factors.

These types of may include: –

a reaction to certain medications
thyroid gland gland disorders
or excessive use of alcohol
Keep your testosterone levels to the optimum, only with Stay-On Power Tablets. 100% herbal, Stay-On Energy Capsules are free from all steroids, do not have side results on your being and work equally well for men and women likewise.

They are made from a unique formulation using the highest quality of ingredients, and are the definite way to let you build immunityScience Articles, enhance stamina and add longevity to life.

Buy Pants Online for Official and Casual Occasions

Trousers are considered as a essential wardrove that every woman have as it can complement any type of attire for making the women look elegent, beatiful and confident. Pants are essential part of women attire.

Ladies pants are considered as a wardrobe essential that every woman have as it can complement any type of outfit for making the women look beautiful, attractive and confident. Pants are a very important part of women attire and the selection of the pants will help you to get a everyday or conventional look. There are different kinds of trousers for women that are selected in line with the preference of the woman and situations for wearing the jeans.

But regardless of the type of pants that you choose, you can always look confident when you team it with the best outfits. You can buy pants online at an affordable price as there are sales and discounts that assist you in getting the best females pants at attractive cost. You can find a big quantity of online stores that sells women pants and you will need to look for a store that sell high quality pants at an affordable cost.

You will find different styles, pattern, design and colors of women pants but you should look for the the one which will complement your look and overall style. These jeans look great with pullovers and sweaters in winter seasons and any light color t-shirts in summers for getting the most unique and different look. You are able to complement the pants with the preferred accessories that should be selected according to the occasions that you are attending. You can buy ladies pants if you want to get that comfortable and chic look without much of an effort.

You can also buy printed jeans as these are extremely trendy and trendy as it provides you the opportunity of being in pace with the latest trends and fashion. The selection of the pants will depend on the occasion that you are wearing the pants as there are different occasions that you intend to can select colored pants or any other kind of pants that are of recent trend and fashion. You can also pair you pants with the desired footwear to be able to obtain the desired look. There are many other varieties of girls pants that help you to get a feminine touch so that you look very attractive and beautiful.

You can also top the women jeans with different kinds of tops, accessories and shoes to be able to look stunning in whatever outfit you wear. There are a huge number of benefits that you get when you buy pants online but the most important benefit is the wide selection of pants that are recorded sale on these internet vendors. You can also get great special discounts on the pants that you intend to purchase as there are many stores that provide seasonal discounts and sales all year circular.

Thus if you want to look fashionable you will need to look for online stores offering pants at an attractive price. Whether you are looking for a casual, formal or professional look, you can always buy the best piece of pants for women online. It is the simplest way of getting the best look as there are many cuts of pants that can be selected based on your body type and preference.

You can always dress up the way you want with the best selection of women pants that are available online as you can look for the best women clothing that exist on the online stores. You may pair these pants with the tops of your choice as you have the option of pairing it with your preferred outfit and accessories. When you buy women pants online, you possess the chance of selecting from the pants that are on display online. You can select from the various kind of jeans that you might want for wearing on different occasions according to your needs.

intro Cucumber with regard to face masks in addition to beauty

The content and introduction involving icp capsule cucumber regarding kesehatanMentimun Just like when i apply for a lot when i know is still throughout an relative within pumpkin. Cucumber generally much utilized pertaining to meals like a friend to be able to eat fresh vegetables, and for you to eat inside a brand new condition for granted. regarding The benefits of cucumber due to the health in addition to nutrition content, my partner and i have discussed within previously articles
Cucumber can be a fruit It consists of a lot of water, that is to be information on 90% of an fruit will be water. hence the reason tersebutlah, that makes cucumbers, furthermore known as being a fruit that has a refreshing effect.

Cucumber introduction pertaining to beauty

Speaking about What\’s so great about cucumber for beauty, usually cucumber is actually taken being a face mask. This can be furthermore taken as a cushion regarding While his eyes usually are relaxed. next what the hell, The advantages of cucumber masks and eye beauty? ,,,

Cucumber with regard to Eyes
Cucumbers can also be believed to be able to for you to reduce swelling, or dark circles About the eyes. this is the treatment This can be commonly consumed throughout the world up to help now.

If a person obtain a problem puffy eyes, dark circles About the eyes or even both, next your current cucumber is usually a natural method to overcome. Way, effortlessly cut your own cucumber that has a thickness of about single centimeter, next placed being a cushion with the eye a number of minutes though being chill-out everyday activities. Puffy eyes or perhaps dark circles to the eyes due to be able to fatigue in case soon leave you, no matter whether an individual do The idea regularly in addition to throughout a relaxed state.

Cucumber pertaining to Skin
If you desire to have facial skin taut and also beautiful skin, after that cucumber may be the response as a natural treatment method. Cucumbers is usually a variety of levels involving hydrogen which is equal to the skin, therefore ones cucumber becomes less difficult to spend many concerns on the place associated with ??facial skin. Cucumber can help soothe and also soften your own skin within a good short quantity involving time.

Many compounds are usually convenient in the cucumber that can assist you within overcoming several skin problems. Cucumbers also are a great important segment of the wide amount associated with facial beauty products, such as facial and also others That may affect the skin.

Because your own cooling effect of your cucumber, after that It really is termed as being a magic wand to help resolve many the skin problems. Ranging by cleaning effect, to be able to the skin for you to be soft along with supple.

Regular intake of cucumber juice also are very practical for skin care internally.

Make an face mask within cucumber
To consider your skin healthy, glowing, and smooth kecang, that can be used your soon after recipe cucumber mask:

How for you to make:

Peel your current cucumber, cut in tiny little later blend. Mint leaves will also be added to be able to feel more refreshed. take your current mint leaves, 4-5 sheet, subsequently blend and also mix together which has a cucumber The idea may be refined.

Take your egg whites as well as whipped separately, and then fill in ones egg whites into ones mixture associated with cucumber + mint.

How to be able to use:

Apply cucumber herb am evenly towards face (as a great mask) with regard to 20 minutes, then rinse inside water along with patted dry. Do your coming from operating a flurry relaxed soon after being discharged.

This story will make you Malu If Ever Quarrel or Scolding mother

Inspiration fictitious story “The quarrel Mother and Child”. At this time sipolos inspiring story will give you a fictional story about the fight of a mother with her daughter. Here is the story. Motivator Indonesia
One day there was a boy who quarreled with his mother, the quarrel started when the mother advised her son, but his son was troubled by his mother’s advice, finally there was a quarrel between the two mouths. The contention made him instantly go out and leave the mother at home. The weather at the time it was very hot, after walking quite a distance he thought for a moment to take shelter under a tree that is quite shady. Near the shade trees are chicken noodle shops, His stomach is starting to feel hungry but she had realized that she did not bring money. He wants to buy a bowl of chicken noodle soup but because he had no money, he was silent while occasionally staring at the store while holding hunger.

Own Shop The Good Heart

Unknowingly mother of the shop owner to see behavior that children are often looked at her stall, clutching his stomach. Then the shop owner approached the child. “My boy’s mother noticed you seemed to frequently see towards the tavern mother. Do you want to eat chicken noodle dikedai mother? “Said the proprietor.
“Yeah mom, my stomach did a little feel hungry, but I do not have money to buy chicken noodles in the tavern mother,” the boy replied.
“Oh, so that’s why you continue to pay attention to the tavern mother. Ayuk to shop mom mom will love the chicken noodle bowl “, – said the proprietor.
“But I do not have the money to pay for the chicken noodle mother”, replied the boy
“Now you need not worry, Mom iklas really”, says returning the mother.
Finally the child is eating chicken noodle giving the proprietor. But suddenly the boy incubate tears. “Why are you crying, son?” Asked the proprietor.
“Not what – what a mom, I’m just touched by the kindness of the mother, because the mother is not who – who I am, but was willing to give a bowl of chicken noodle soup free of charge against me, while my own mother today just had a fight with me, and he let me go and he does not care if this time I have not eaten and did not bring money “said the child.
Listening to the child’s mother was silent for a moment tavern and interrupts the breath, and then he approached the sianak and mengusap2 the shoulder and said:
“Son, why do you think that? I’m just giving you a bowl of chicken noodle course, but you’re so moved, and said I was very good, and very different from the mother. Try now that you think about, I’m just giving you a bowl of chicken noodle soup, while the mother was cooking rice, and various other things for you to eat, of since you were born till now and all of it was provided for free so that you can grow healthy today, why do people always feed you every day for free instead you say no good, why would I the only one to give you a bowl of chicken noodle soup you said very well. Supposedly people shall you say excellent is your mother. He mengandungmu, he who had you, he who menyusuimu, he is bathed, he who nursed from small to at the moment, he who gives body and soul to raise and take care of you, now go home lah nak then apologize was him, because he people who should you say is very good. Go home and be thankful to him ”
Heard the advice of the shop owners son was silent, a few moments later she was crying. “How durhakanya me to my mother, I was never concerned with what ever he gave to me, how sinful I” said the child.
“Thank you mom already gave me a bowl of chicken noodle, excuse me home” added the child.
The child immediately walked quickly toward his home, after arriving in front of the house, it turns out the mother was standing right in front of the door.
Instantly the mother immediately called his son, “Son you from anywhere, the mother worried at you, I’m sorry Mom? Well, because it had been scolding you, Mom also see your wallet there dimeja your room, you definitely do not eat, Come on son entered, Mother had prepared eat for you, “says the mother.

Listening to the mother, the Son could not contain his tears and ran and fell at her feet. “I’m sorry ma’am, I have been insubordinate to the mother, I never appreciated what was already the mother gave to me, I’m sorry ma’am. This I was never grateful, I did not realize that all this time I have the best mother in the world. I will not repeat it again bu, I would always listen to your advice, I love you. “Said the child.

Do not Forget the Good Parent

Sometimes we forget and ignore the kindness and compassion that was so great from our parents, even we often get angry and fight with them at the moment we are advised by them and often we compare our parents with others, and consider others better than people our parents when we were given something to others, but what is given by another person will not be able to emulate the kindness and love of our parents.
Believe me, when our parents advised us that because they want the best for us. There is no love that can be given others towards us exceed our parents, do not ever forget or fight against them. Because they’re the ones who really genuinely love and love yourself unconditionally.

Benefits of Potatoes for Health

boiled potatoes carbohydrate source
Boiled potatoes, one source of carbohydrate-containing foods high.
Know the Benefits of Potatoes for Health – Potatoes are vegetables and one of the family of tubers originating from the United States. But with the development of the age of this plant is cultivated and developed in other countries, especially in Indonesia. Potatoes have become a popular food in many countries they even use them for food alternatives to rice and help the diet naturally.

Besides potatoes have become an alternative medicine to cure diabetes (diabetes) that is used by healers and traditional herbal medicine. Because the content of potatoes that have a function to neutralize various bacteria and germs that enter the body. If processed in any form, the content of the potatoes will not disappear at all. Because the temperature levels in potatoes does not change.

Nutrition Potatoes
Existing content in the potato is composed of 70% nutrition and 30% other substances. Other substances such as proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, vitamins and other minerals. The content of this potato can be a standard daily diet to consume it because it is good for the health of the body. Thus was potato consumption in any form.

Efficacy Chips For Body Health
There are several properties of potatoes for health, among others:

Rich in fiber and prevent various diseases

The fiber content in the potato is very high comparable to wheat. Useful fiber for digestive system in the body. Highly recommended for consumption for those who lean and less weight. Also can be used to program people who diet. Because potatoes are useful to measure the levels of calories that will be disposed of by the body.

The fiber content in potatoes can prevent many problems that arise in the digestive system. Besides it can prevent the onset of heart disease, prostate cancer and uterine cancer according to research by nutritionists. The content of vitamin B6 in potatoes can destroy the tumor and the growing crystal as a virus in the body and prevent nerve disorders.

Helps lower cholesterol levels

Potatoes contain a lot of calories as rice. But the potato has a soft texture and make long-lasting satiety because calorie-balanced and thick pile. Moreover, it can help decrease cholesterol levels in the body. Potassium beneficial substances to destroy heaps of cholesterol in the digestive system, especially on the circulatory system. We need to know this in order to always consume potatoes regularly.

Prevent kidney stones and reduce inflammation

Potatoes contain a lot of iron and calcium that will form and settle into a cause kidney stones and uric acid levels in the circulatory system. But the content of his potatoes were much magnesium can prevent kidney stones and refuse sediment in the system network. Therefore, potato proven effective for preventing and treating kidney stones. Similarly, doctors advice that eating potatoes for people with kidney stones is very good.

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Tamarind for Health Benefits
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Benefits of Noni Fruit for Health
Potatoes that have a smooth and creamy texture and easy to digest useful for inflammation both inside and outside like, inflammation in the mouth, intestines and digestive system. In addition it is good to heal burns, rheumatism, stiff, bruised by rubbing and can also be eaten but previously boiled first.

Relieves stress and good for brain development

The content of vitamin B6 in potatoes can relieve stress in the mind. Because adrenaline can renew cells and make your mind and body feel relaxed, fun and fosters a feeling of calm. In addition, the content of vitamin B6 can also help the development of the brain and nervous system. Potatoes also contain a lot of copper and iron.

In Japan they created a system that floats a house during an earthquake

The Japanese company Air Danshin Systems Inc. created a system that could be useful in case of an earthquake because it is a mechanism that literally floated a home. The technology was developed in 2005 by Youichi Sakamoto and according to the company, is relatively inexpensive and highly effective. Also it has a low maintenance cost over other mechanisms of anti-seismic protection.

 The system is very simple since it consists of a series of mechanisms that are installed around the house. When an earthquake is detected, a sensor responds immediately (within a period no longer than one second) activating a powerful compressor, which injects a layer of air below the house by floating about three centimeters reinforced its foundations.

Earthquake disaster kit – While tremor occurs, gas systems, water, sewerage and electricity are not affected because they operate through flexible pipes. The requirement for this mechanism to work is that it is a house built mostly of wood. All this is controlled by valves airflow that remain stable while floating. Upon completion of the telluric movement, returns to its original position.

In 2011, some 88 houses and small buildings throughout Japan already have through construction companies, although the price is not mentioned, is likely to come bundled with the value of the home. The company expects this system to be adopted in larger critical structures.

Seeing his performance seems that its effectiveness would be limited, especially if it is a house surrounded by others with higher and that lack of such a mechanism. This could affect structural walls and even the ceiling level, although it would be interesting to know whether in the Fukushima a house that service and had survived the earthquake last year.

Protect your assets with insurance against earthquakes

Time goes slower when trembles, begin to see that the lamps move and run many ideas mind: Where are my personal documents ?, do I get out, or I put in a safe area inside the house ?, Where is the rest of my family?

Read more: home earthquake kit

The crystals begin to vibrate, and your nervous system seems to fit in your body. It is very easy to become that adrenaline fear, in fear that yours are away and fear of your heritage, which you worked so hard to build, comes down to a furious shaking of the earth.

In Mexico only three out of 100 people considered this fear as a powerful cause to take action, as the percentage of homes insured barely scratches 4%, and most homes insured it is because they are prone to the impact of phenomena such as hurricanes or floods.

However, if you consider that the country has highly seismic regions, it begins to make sense to have a policy of protection.

When houses or apartments are new, usually the Infonavit, Fovissste or the bank granting the mortgage condition the loan to the hiring of insurance, but need not be the owner to protect your property or can you imagine what would happen if the get home department that income has gone down by an earthquake ?.

First Aid When Hit Hard water

The case of the KPK investigator Novel Baswedan being crowded dibacara by many people. Because this kejahat KPK investigators were attacked by people not known to use hard water to attack the victim. And appropriate hardware splashed megenai perpetrators face the KPK investigators. In the case ever before also been a case of hard water sprinkling in some people.

First Aid When Hit Hard water

Hard water have an effect that can make your skin melempuh and other organ damage. Therefore, it is important to know first aid properly. In principle, the method used to help people affected by hard water is the same dengana burns. Here’s a First Aid When Hit Hard water: best earthquake kit

  1. Cover Face
    The face is the primary target of the most frequently attacked. Base due to the skin on the face can cause extremely severe damage to the victim. Therefore, to the extent possible to cover face with hands or other objects to menimalkan exposure to hard water.
  2. Rinse with water total Perhaps the
    way to menimilakan injury due to exposure to hard water is rinsing with water as much as possible. Because of hard water will continue to damage body tissue. And do not rush to bring to the hospital.

    If first aid is ignored, then bad things will happen to the victim. Especially if exposed to hard water is around the eyes, could-be victim will suffer permanent blindness. If difficult to find a source of water, then as much as possible to use mineral water bottles.

    And the need dipastkan is the use of water when rinsing, try to use the normal temperature water, and in large numbers. Do about 30 minutes so that the burning sensation continues to decrease.

  3. Avoid greasing cream, oil, or any medicine to the affected area of hard water
    Use of creams, oils or other drugs that are believed to overcome the effects of burns should be avoided to do. This will affect the handling of which will be given by a doctor later.
  4. Perhisaan loose, shirt, or any objects that are attached to the body are exposed to hard water
    Remove any objects that are exposed to hard water. For example, if you wear a shirt that exposed hard water, immediately remove clothes. It also eases the process of rinsing with water
  5. Avoid contact on the affected areas of hard water
    do not cover the burn with any object, especially a non-sterile. Indeed sterile gauze can be used to wrap the burns, but should not be too strong.

    It aims to prevent contamination, for example during the journey to hospital. However, if no, leave it uncovered and segerlah hospital.

After performing the steps above, quickly taken away to the hospital for further peertolongangan. It is no less important to do is to remain calm when exposed to hard water. Provided that the appropriate first aid, then the bad effects can be avoided.

Natural disasters, (flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, Land Longsong), and deal with it

Natural disasters, (flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, Land Longsong), and deal with it, information tsunami, tsunami warning, earthquake, earthquake-date 2004 tsunami
Flooding and how to deal with it

Natural disasters, (flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, Land Longsong), and deal with it

Have you ever experienced flooding? How do you deal with it? Among you there might be living near rivers prone to flooding. Or may not stay around the river but still flooded. Earthquake kit
Do you know the cause? To answer these questions, we will know in advance what constitutes a natural disaster.
Natural disasters are not only in the form of flooding. There are also earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes (typhoons) and others. You certainly do not want that to happen is not a natural disaster?
However, our country lies in the path of the Mediterranean unstable young folds, then such natural disasters can not be avoided.
Natural disasters resulting in loss of property, residence, valuables, and even lives. You should be able to handle natural disaster, for it is well check out my learning.

A. Flood

Flooding is just one of the many natural disasters that often occur. Flood itself means the overflow of river water into the areas through which the river flows.
This situation is created because the capacity is not sufficient river water with the water volume. As we know that one of the properties of water are looking for a low, then the river that floods will inundate the area in its path.
Flooding is mainly due to human activity itself that did not keep their environment. Flooding is frequent, especially during the rainy season with frequent and heavy intensity. The area being flooded, especially in the area around the stream.
However, areas away from the river was sometimes affected by the flooding also when rainfall comes continuously and rivers no longer able to accommodate the number of rainwater.
The floods that came certainly did not expect, but when floods happen to us, of course we can not simply remain silent and resigned to deal with it.
There are many ways to deal with the flood,
Among them are:
  • Save valuables – Save the people we love afterwards if possible please also people around where we live
  • Move essential items such as electronic goods, bedding, and household appliance to a higher place, for example the second floor or attic.
  • If we do not have an attic then take away essential items such as blankets, money, jewelry, and food ingredients as much as possible.
Prevent Flooding There’s a phrase better to prevent than cure. It is an expression
wise to remember prevention is easier than cure itself. It can be applied in terms of flood prevention.
There are some efforts to prevent flooding, namely:
  • Throw garbage in its place
  • Cleaning drains around our homes
  • Held a voluntary work to clean up the waterways in our village
  • Hold social events to clean up rivers
  • Planting trees to help absorb rainwater
  • Provide land as land to absorb water in times of rain, in other words, not brick up all the land around the house, some of them are left in the form of land.
  • Construct wells to collect rainwater catchment.

B. Earthquake

Earthquakes are natural disasters that occur due to natural processes and not caused by human hand. Based on the cause of earthquakes can be divided into two tectonic and volcanic earthquakes.

1. Tectonic earthquake

Tectonic earthquake occurred due to a shift in the earth’s crust. This earthquake can be small and large scale. Small-scale earthquake is generally only a small vibrations in the area around the epicenter.
While large-scale earthquake in the form of vibrations or big shock accompanied breakdown or collapse of buildings around the epicenter.
Tectonic earthquakes can not be anticipated in advance because it comes suddenly, and there are no specific signs before they occur. If the tectonic come especially large-scale earthquake is then possible to save the stuff is very small.

2. Volcanic Earthquake (volcano)

Volcanic earthquake was an earthquake due to volcanic eruptions. Volcanic earthquakes occurred close to the volcano, and has the shape of an elongated rift same tectonic earthquakes.
Volcanic earthquakes caused by the movement of magma upward inside the volcano, where the shear on the cobblestones produce earthquakes. The earthquake was measured by using a tool called Estimator Richter. Earthquakes are divided into a scale from one (1) to nine (9) based on its size (magnitude).

Facing Earthquakes

The earthquake can not be determined when it happened, but we can do something if the earthquake hits. There are several ways to deal with it, namely:
1. If we are in the room
  • Stay away from items that easily fall, such as a closet and chandelier
  • Turn off the stove when you’re cooking, and also turn off other electronic equipment to prevent fires.
  • Also avoid fragile items, such as glass and windows.
  • Take refuge under a table or other places that are protected from the possible collapse of the goods.
  • Protect your head from possible falling objects that we do not want
2. If we are outdoors
  • Stay away from tall trees, and power lines.
  • Look for an open area such as a field or other place away from trees and tall buildings.
  • Protect your head from possible falling objects that we do not want
3. If we were in a vehicle
  • Immediately stop the vehicle in the open.
  • Stay away from trees, power poles, billboards and tall buildings.
  • Do not stop under the bridge, either overpass or bridge crossing.
  • Protect your head from possible falling objects we do not want.
4 Preparation for emergencies
  • Provide drinking water for emergency purposes. Used bottles of mineral water can be used to store drinking water. Drinking water requirements are usually 2 to 3 liters a day for one person.
  • Setting up a backpack containing (or rechargeable) goods that are needed in refugee camps.
Items that are indispensable in emergency situations, for example:
• Flashlight following its reserve battery
• Drinking water
• Box P3K contain painkillers, plasters, bandages, etc.
• durable food such as biscuits
• A number of cash
• Saving book
• Matches
• Candles
• Helmet
• Underwear
• Valuables should be taken in case of an emergency
The most important thing of all was more to our own private is do not panic facing this earthquake. Stay calm and do not rush, do so with the full calculation. If the need to evacuate; keep to the appointed place and do not approach the lower regions like the sea, to avoid the occurrence of a tsunami.

C. Mount erupts

For the people living in the surrounding mountains, especially the volcano, the mountain erupted possibility is always there. In general, the mountain will not erupt immediately regurgitate material they contain. Mountain would erupt have certain signs.
Such signs include:
1. The occurrence of earthquakes that repeatedly
2. Many animals are leaving the forest around the mountain
3. The air around the mountain became very hot
4. Mount remove dust and smoke continuously
5. Mount discharge-melt or cold lava lava
6. There was a smell of sulfur was overpowering If you already know that the mountain would erupt in your area then you should be evacuated in accordance with government directives.

D. tsunami

Have you seen the impact of the tsunami in Aceh in 2004 ago? Depressing is not it? Many children were separated from both parents, or parents who lost their children and other family. There is no longer a place to stay, the property of floating, even the lives of thousands of victims.
The tsunami wave is a wave that occurs after an earthquake under the sea or an avalanche below sea level. This resulted in a large sea wave with a height up to 30 meters or more in the middle of the sea.

Facing tsunami

Things that can be done if a tsunami occurs is as follows:
  • If we are on the coast or near rivers, sekuatkuatnya immediately ran to higher ground. If possible, ran towards a nearby hill.
  • If the situation allows, go to the evacuation has been specified.
  • If the situation does not allow it to go to the evacuation site, look for multi-storey buildings are reinforced, use the emergency stairs to get to the top floor (at least up to the 3rd floor).
  • If the situation allows, wear a rain jacket and make sure hands free and do not bring anything.

E. Landslide

The landslide is a geological event in which the movement of the ground as the fall of large rocks or clumps of soil. The main cause of the landslide was heavy rain in the area having a steep slope.
A high area with steep slopes and the absence of trees due to illegal logging resulted in landslides that hit the area beneath.
This avalanche of events is often not realized by people who live in hilly or mountainous areas denuded or less have a strong soil resistance.
Landslides also caused a lot of work of human hands could not keep the environment. Avalanche also resulted in many casualties is not small.
Things – things to know or do in order to prevent the occurrence of landslides are:
– Do not cut down trees without the accompaniment of replanting
– Make a planting or reforestation in deforested areas
– Understand the importance of the tree – the tree as retaining rainwater
– Learn to love and preserve the environment in order to remain fresh and beautiful