1000 Bananas for Health Benefits

Banana fruit is a fruit that has a high consumption rate in the world. Who does not like bananas? Probably almost everyone in the world like this from fruit sati from children to the elderly. You could say banana is a favorite fruit because it tastes sweet, fragrant and tender texture. The fruit can also be processed into a variety of processed foods such as peanut butter, chips, fried foods etc. Besides bananas also contain nutrients that can meet the needs in our body.

Since the time of the ancestors, a banana is believed to prevent entry of the disease into the body. It is true, according to the research content of nutrients that are in bananas can improve the health of the body and facilitate digestion. Bananas which has the Latin name “M. acuminata “has excellent nutritional value, such as providing energy is quite high compared with other fruits.

and the health benefits of bananas for pregnant women

Based on data from the study bananas have a very high nutritional value and also have vitamins and minerals that can not be underestimated. The following nutrient content in bananas: Calories, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Vitamin C, provitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, Etc.

Therefore, consume 1 banana after breakfast can give you a perfect energy to start the day. In addition, bananas can also quickly change the body’s energy is lost after exercise. Bananas are also known to contain small amounts of other vitamins and minerals are also needed by the body. Vitamins and minerals include vitamin E, choline, folate, carotene.


Based on data from the nutritional content, bananas become one of the fruit of the most widely recommended by doctors.

In addition, some studies have also proved if the banana has a lot of properties and benefits, among other things:
Gastrointestinal healthy
Excellent for kidney
Strengthen bones and teeth
Fatigue and Improves stamina
Lowering Blood Pressure
Maintain Eye Health
Fixing Mental Condition
Improve Performance And Brain Nerve Because There potassium content
Maintain fluid balance our body Because Factors Potassium
Improve Skin Health and Beauty
Assisting Program Content Carbohydrate Diet Because There therein.
Reduces Blood Sugar Levels In The Body
Adding Calcium in the Body
Enhance Immunity In The Body
Neither Also On Consumption For Pregnant Women Because There Folic acid content is beneficial for the mother of the fetus.
As a good source of energy for our bodies because bananas contain enough calories is good for our bodies.
Reduces Pain Pain When Using Medium Haid Because Vitamin B6 In it for Regulating sugar levels in the blood circulation.
Bananas can also help smokers who are in the process of quitting smoking because bananas contain vitamin B, magnesium and potassium are very high.

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