10 The benefits of salt for beauty, Relieve Acne Lip Heal Broken Up

Salt may be better known as one of the flavor of food. Who would have thought the salty flavored herbs have a number of benefits of beauty? Ranging from the fight against acne to heal chapped lips, salt is quite useful to be used as natural beauty treatment. Treatment using salt is also relatively inexpensive and readily available. Want to know what the usefulness of salt for skin and hair? 10 Consider the following benefits gathered from various sources:

1. Detox Skin
Salt has been used as a mixture of a number of facial treatments at the salon. The salt is believed to moisturize and eliminate bacteria that closes the pores of the skin. But if you want to try salt treatments at home, you can do it with menyampurkan cup of salt into the tub with warm water. Sweety Beauty Spot JSitus said salt bath for half an hour can help you detoxify and reduce swelling in the body.

2. Facial
Salt a little rough texture can be used for facial exfoliates dead skin cells. Katherine Dorn of Pierre Michael Salon suggest that you mix the salt with oil face or facial oil. Then the dough pijatkan on the face in a circular motion. After that rinse and clean the face as usual.

3. Toner
Aside from being a mix of facials, salt can also be used as a toner. Katherine Dorn advised to spray the salt mixture to your face with warm water and then pat dry. This fluid can be a substitute toner to nourish the skin.

4. Natural Wavy Hair
Want to look stylish hair style beach waves while on vacation to the beach? Just spray seawater into your hair. Applying brine to the hair may sound strange. However, spraying a mixture of water with salt or sea water can produce the original to the hair naturally curly hair like beach waves without the need to go to a salon. Amber Katz of the site Rouge 18 states if there is sand that sticks instead will add texture to beautify the shape of curls.

5. Relieve Acne
Acne skin became one of the most feared diseases of women. Acne is often sudden attack that can be alleviated with the use of salt. Bonnie Ndoci a salon owner Facials by Bonnie said that if the salt can be used to fight acne by chemicals such as shampoo that causes allergy on the skin.

The trick is to menyampurkan quarter spoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Then soak cotton in it. Then put the cotton in the area of ??acne and wait for about one minute. Salt would reduce the swelling and redness of acne.

6. Treat Lip Tableware
For owners often experience dry lips and chapped lips, the salt can be an alternative to natural healers. It was revealed by Entertainista sites that suggest that you menyampurkan three tablespoons of salt with a dollop of Vaseline. After the stir and rub the dough gently on the lips to dry skin peeling. Then clean the skins are left to use a wet cloth. Do not forget to daub moisturizing lip balm after treatment.

7. Scrubbing
Salt it can smooth the skin and wrinkles when used for scrubbing. Site Beauty in the Bag says if despite stinging, salt can also heal wounds faster. To make a natural scrub using salt, mix salt with olive oil alone. Add essential oils such as lavender, vanilla or cinnamon that can simultaneously relaxing the body.

8. Relieves Eye Puff
Although many people say that most consume salt can make the face fatten, herbs proved reliable in relieving swelling when used as an external treatment. For example, to the eye, you can mix the salt with warm water to be applied to the puffy eyes.

9. Foot soak Infected
Never suffered an infection after a pedicure? Before deciding to go to the doctor, you can try natural herbs to heal the basic ingredients of salt. The trick is to insert a cup of salt in warm water. Use water to soak the infected foot and a half hour wait hinnga. Reportedly infection can be cured with two days of treatment. Apply this way twice a day for maximum results.

10. Liquid Mouthwash
Katherine Dorn turned out many utilize salt as a beauty routine. Not only for the face or hair, but also to the mouth. In order for fresher breath and cleaner mouth and teeth, he uses a mixture of water, salt, baking soda as liquid natural mouthwash.

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